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January 2020 - Immedium

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A. Happy Year of the Rat
We hope your 2020 is full of good health and happiness!

January 25th begins The Year of the Rat.

Ralph returns with his trademark enthusiasm for exploring the world with his buddy, the boy Bing, and living life to its fullest.

This revised edition features a bilingual translation in simplified Chinese.

The appealing artwork is by Jeremiah Alcorn who illustrated The Year of the Dog, Pig, and Ox.

Schools and Libraries:
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B. Celebrate at upcoming Festivals
We look forward to meeting you at popular annual celebrations, such as at:

2/1 - Huntington Gardens, San Marino, CA
Jennifer Wood, artist of The Year of the Dragon, Snake, and Horse, autographs copies and draws her signature characters.

2/2 - Oakland Asian Cultural Center
Author Oliver Chin reads The Year of the Rat to kids of all ages.

2/8-9 - Oakland Museum & Asian Art Museum
We'll present our annual storytimes and share our Tales from the Chinese Zodiac.

2/15 - Books Inc, Palo Alto, CA - 2 pm
Author Oliver Chin brings Ralph to one of the Bay Area's leading bookstores, across from scenic Stanford University.

C. Reprinting The Octonauts Box
We're pleased to announce the 4th printing of The Octonauts Underwater Adventures box set.

Enjoying a fun storytime (and learning about amazing sea creatures) never goes out of style!

Collect the original four stories that inspired the hit animated TV series worldwide, as seen on the Disney Channel and Netflix.

Plus get a bonus fold out poster of your favorite characters.


The Discovery of Anime & Manga

by Phil Amara and Oliver Chin
illustrated by Juan Calle

"This entry in the series provides a lively overview of the history of Japanese animation and comic books... An appealing, informative read for anime and manga enthusiasts that shows young fans that their favorite comic and animation style has a long and rich history."
- School Library Journal

- - -

Julie Black Belt: The Belt of Fire
by Oliver Chin
illustrated by Charlene Chua

"Your family will love this illustrated tale of martial arts and teambuilding... You and your child will have a great time learning alongside Julie in this action packed picture book. Readers will love the focus on martial arts..."
- Be a Learning Hero



  • 1/4: JCCCNC Oshogatsu Matsuri, San Francisco, CA, am
  • 1/13: Oliver Chin: Stratford School, Sunnyvale, CA, 3:30 pm
  • 1/14: OC: Meyerholz Elementary, Cupertino, CA, 8:45 am
  • 1/14: OC: Stratford School, Morgan Hill, CA, 3 pm
  • 1/16: OC: Fairmont Elementary School, El Cerrito, CA, pm
  • 1/21: OC: CAIS, San Francisco, CA, 1:30 pm
  • 1/22: OC: George Peabody School, San Francisco, CA, am
  • 1/23: OC: Hicklebees, San Jose, CA.
  • 1/24: OC: Hicklebees, San Jose, CA.
  • 1/24: Oc: Stratford School-Washington, Sunnyvale, CA, 3 pm
  • 1/25: OC: Castro Valley library, Castro Valley, CA, 2 pm.
  • 1/26: Millbrae Chinese New Year festival, CA..
  • 1/28: OC: Hicklebees, San Jose, CA.
  • 1/29: OC: Little Hugs Preschool, S.San Francisco, CA, 10 am.
  • 1/29: OC: Foster City Public Library, CA, 7 pm.
  • 1/30: OC: Town School, San Francisco, CA, 1 pm.


  • 2/1: Jennifer Wood: Huntington Garden, San Marino, CA.
  • 2/1: OC: SF Symphony, San Francisco, CA, pm.
  • 2/2: OC: OACC's Lunar New Year celebration, Oakland, CA.
  • 2/7: OC: S. San Francisco library - Orange Avenue, CA, 6 pm.
  • 2/8: SFPL - Presidio branch, San Francisco, CA, 3 pm.
  • 2/8-9: Oakland Museum, Oakland, CA.
  • 2/9: Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, CA
  • 2/15: OC, Books Inc., Palo Alto, CA, 2 pm.
  • 2/19: OC, Rooftop Elementary, San Francisco, CA, 12:30 pm
  • 2/20: OC: Asian American Studies, SFSU, CA, 11 am
  • 2/28: OC, S.San Francisco Library - Grand, SSF, CA, 6 pm

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    Happy new year!

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