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Jane Train "It was very delightful to have you come to our library event. Your presentation sparked much interests and questions by students. There were positive comments for both presenters. Thank you again for coming back to City College. The WonderBaby book was a great hit!"
- Suzanne Lo, City College of San Francisco

"Thank you so much for coming all the way out to our branch here in Martinez. Your presentation and reading from your books were very well received, and you had an immediate rapport with the children. They really enjoyed themselves, and so did the parents, as evidenced by their willingness to ask questions. Keep up the great work!"
- Anne Murray, Contra Costa Library

Quote of the Day
"My idea is always to reach my generation. The wise writer ... writes for the youth of his own generation, the critics of the next, and the schoolmasters of ever afterward."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald


Pirate Hook "I’m always on the lookout for new and entertaining children’s books. I know just about every Sandra Boynton book by heart along with Goodnight Moon and Guess How Much I Love You. It was time to freshen up our collection and Immedium had just the thing."
- The Boutique Café

“When it comes to reading children’s books, often times it seems like they’re all the same. Cheesy story lines with make believe animals or scenarios that your children have a hard time identifying with. Don’t you wish there was a line of books out there that seem like they were made for your children? Well [Immedium] has come to our rescue [with] a line of story books that not only can your children identify with, but they can also learn lessons from."
- The Opinionated Parent

"There are some publishing companies who publish such a variety of books that you couldn't really identify the books or the publisher on site. There are others, usually smaller by comparison publishers, who have their own unique blend and style to them. You can tell just by the cover art on a book who published it. Sometimes it's a story line, sometimes it's a main character. The books are their own culture. Immedium is one such publisher. Their books really stand out in a crowd."
- Reading to Know

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