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Timmy & Tammy's Train of Thought

Written by Oliver Chin, Illustrated by Heath McPherson

"WOW! This stuff is very, very good. That is gonna be one great looking book...The thought given to design and visual storytelling is superb. This really pumps me up and gives me the drive and inspiration to keep the quality high in my work. You're definitely putting out a wave of very highly professional books. My kids are sooooo gonna love this book. I can't wait to buy it."
- Jeff Miracola, artist

San Francisco, California-May 15, 2007-Immedium, Inc., proudly announces the publication of Timmy & Tammy's Train of Thought, written by Oliver Chin and illustrated by Heath McPherson. The fascination with trains is a universal childhood pastime and an enduring adult hobby, so families everywhere will enjoy this amazing new train story.

All aboard with this joyful celebration of the railroad! Timmy and his sister Tammy love trains, so their parents treat them to the ride of their lives. Sitting on the smallest scale engine, the children begin a magical journey that transports them onto ever-larger locomotives and brings their ultimate fantasy to life.

Choo Choo! Over the course of one trip, the boy and girl gaze out the windows of bigger and bigger trains, from historic cable cars to modern passenger liners. Along the way Timmy and Tammy see new colors and hear the unique noises from streetcars and subways to bullet and freight trains. Traveling through the countryside and city, the kids cross tunnels, bridges, and highways, and revel in a dazzling daydream. Hold onto your seats and your ticket stubs!

Marvelously detailed illustrations will rivet readers by conveying the rhythm and energy of a seamless experience. "Heath is an incredible illustrator that breathes so much life and energy into each piece he creates," praised Rob Corley, a former Disney animator. "His color sense is fun and always compliments his classic art style." Wonderfully engaging for repeat reading, this tale is ideal for introducing a rainbow of trains, colors, and sounds to young readers. Plus the surprising final destination makes this a perfect bedtime story and gift for train-lovers of all ages.

$15.95 USA, Children's Picture Book, ISBN: 1-59702-008-7, 11 x 8, 36 pages

About the Authors

Oliver Chin is the author of The Year of the Pig and The Year of the Dog, The Adventures of WonderBaby, The Tao of Yao, and 9 of 1. A reviewer for Comics Buyer's Guide, he lives with his wife and sons in San Francisco, CA.

Heath McPherson is a commercial animator who has illustrated for Dreamworks and Disney. A real train lover, he and his wife reside near Birmingham, Alabama

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