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This pig is destined to fly high!
Patty is an ambitious piglet. When will everyone on the farm give her a chance to shine?
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Discover a pig's good qualities!

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The Year of the Pig
Tales from the Chinese Zodiac

Written by Oliver Chin
Illustrated by Jeremiah Alcorn

$15.95, hardcover, 36 Pages,
ISBN: 978-1-59702-143-2, 9.5 x 10

"The characters were enchanting, the stories engrossing...And I liked how educational the books are." - The Opinionated Parent

This revised edition features a new bilingual translation in simplified Chinese.

2019 is the Year of the Pig! Born on New Year's Day, the piglet Patricia explores the farm with her parents and Farmer Wu. Growing up is a learning process, as Patty gets advice from her uncles, aunts, and cousins. But being a sensible pig takes practice, as Patty realizes when Farmer Wu loses his jade ring! Can Patty demonstrate her best qualities when others think they aren't?

Patty's amusing journey to appreciate her true nature will delight children and adults alike. Bright and dynamic illustrations will appeal to new parents, those interested in Asian culture, and lovers of classic pig tales. The Year of the Pig is the second in the annual series Tales of the Chinese Zodiac.

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More praise for Year of the Pig

Mom "I love it when my children are able to learn about the beliefs and traditions of different cultures, and books from the Tales from the Chinese Zodiac series are a great way for them to do so. I highly recommend starting your own collection."
- The Boutique Café

"The book is absolutely adorable...And may I say what a fabulous cast of characters your books contain!"
- Kate Ferguson, Book Passage

"Written in a simple but elegant style by Oliver Chin and joyously illustrated in a cartoon style by Miah Alcorn... The Year Of The Pig is lively entertainment for boys and girls."
- Midwest Book Review

"Jeremiah Alcorn illustrates the book with expressive angular cartoon characters, capturing the emotions of the animals and animals on their adventures...he illustrates with humor and gentleness the traits of Patty: inquisitiveness, resilience, intelligence, stubbornness and courage. Patty's character, as well as the other animal and human characters in the book, shines through his simple bright cartoons...readers young and old will enjoy this journey through the remarkable Year of the Pig."
- ForeWord Magazine

" I just absolutely love the fresh illustration style and story."
- Coquette


Mama Pig "[The artwork is] reminiscent of the work of Chuck Jones, the animator behind such Warner Bros. cartoon characters as Bugs Bunny. They look like animation stills….With his new series, Chin wants to bring the ancient stories of the Chinese zodiac to life in a modern context."
- Paul Kilduff, San Francisco Chronicle

"The Year of the Pig (the sequel to 2006's Year of the Dog), is the perfect gift to any new parents you encounter this year."
- SFist

"The characters were enchanting, the stories engrossing… And I liked how educational the books are, both of which have a description at the end of what it means to be born in the Year of the Dog (or Year of the Pig). The illustrations are extraordinary pieces of art. I can't wait to get each of the books in this series."
- The Opinionated Parent

"With its delightful narrative and appealing artwork, The Year of the Pig reminds us of the many porcine qualities we would do well to cultivate in ourselves: intelligence, curiosity, sincerity and generosity. How wise are those who learn from pigs rather than eat them!" -Sy Montgomery, author of The Good Good Pig

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