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The Adventures of WonderBaby
from A to Z

Written by Oliver Chin
Illustrated by Joe Chiodo

$8.95, board book, 32 Pages,
ISBN: 1-59702-001-X, 6 x 6

"the alphabet section is one of the best I have ever seen...This book is engaging and educating. A real keeper."
- The Opinionated Parent

Faster than a speeding bulldog, more powerful than a "loco" mole, and able to leap tall building blocks in a single bound...comes WonderBaby!

Illustrating a rainbow of humorous scenes from A to Z, WonderBaby changes into a zoo-full of creatures, from itty-bitty insects to mammoth mammals. Crawling, flying, swimming and smiling, WonderBaby demonstrates the sensational and surprising experiences that all babies share.

Learning the alphabet has never been so much fun. Especially with an amazing new character who has a bright future of continuing adventures ahead of him.

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More praise for WonderBaby

Firefighter "You learn all about interesting little things that little babies do, with much more enthusiasm. It makes you wonder what the next letter is going to say. You can feel the love and know that the baby has a place in the family."
- The Opinionated Parent

"The variety of animals doing activities that a typical child would enjoy - like blowing bubbles or swinging - makes this a fun story for kids because it is easy to relate to. The little lady bug to find on every page adds to it as an enjoyable book to read over and over again with your toddler."
- Babitty

"WonderBaby kept Bookworm1 completely satisfied for a 20 minute car ride. He just flipped through and stared at the animals so two thumbs up to Joe Chiodo for the illustrations on that one!"
- Reading to Know


D is for Dog "The book is beautifully illustrated. The colors are bright and vivid, and the pictures are simple and straightforward. Each illustration has a small ladybug somewhere, which will keep searching toddlers entertained. I think this book succeeds on many levels. While teaching the alphabet, each letter can teach a new animal, as well as a new verb. And most importantly the text and illustrations are interesting enough that you won't go out of your mind the 8th time you read the book in a 30-minute span! So if you're looking for a great A-B-C book be sure to check out Adventures of WonderBaby."
- SuperCoolBaby

"WonderBaby features our caped crusader (i.e. infant) transforming into various creatures, each with a distinct 'talent' you'll quickly recognize... WonderBaby not only entertains but teaches. Each animal and its unique "superpower" walk you through the alphabet from A to Z. I love it when learning is fun!"
- The Boutique Cafe

"It's a really cute concept, a baby teaching the alphabet with some superhero elements thrown in."
- ComicCon's The PULSE

"I received this as a gift, but within fifteen minutes of it arriving, I got online and ordered more copies. Because Wonderbaby is going to tear through these in no time, and I need at least one to whip out at her wedding."
- Cool Mom Picks

"I am a huge fan of FUN ABC books! It's such a reward to watch your child read along with you and begin to point out and recognize the letters! The Adventures of Wonderbaby from A-Z is fantastic! Not your typical A is for Apple and B is for Boy kind of story! Instead WonderBaby 'Drools like a Dog' and 'Wiggles like a Worm', much more engaging and entertaining for the kids."
- BabyLuxe

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Leveled Reading

Lexile Level: 390L
Lexile Code: AD "adult directed"
Fountas & Pinnel (F&P GRL): J
GLE (Grade Level): 1
Interest Level: Pre K-1
Reading Recovery Level (RRL): 17