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Photography / Popular Culture

Desert to Dream
A Decade of Burning Man Photography

Author: Barbara Traub
Introduction: Les Blank
Foreword and Afterword: Larry Harvey.
Epilogue: Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Contribution: Leonard Nimoy
$29.95, Hardcover, 160 pages
ISBN: 1-59702-003-6, 11 x 10 inches
This book is an stunning photographic record of Burning Man: from its infancy as a performance art exhibition to its explosion as a pop culture phenomenon today. Photographer Traub captures the sacred and profane through photos of otherworldly artifacts, structures, and costumes. Filmmaker Les Blank, Burning Man founder Larry Harvey, Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy, and beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti illuminate Traub’s unique perspective on this dynamically evolving event. Click here for more.

Film / Literature

Robot Stories

Author: Greg Pak
$14.95, Paperback, 210 pages
ISBN: 1-59702-000-1, 7 x 9 inches

A critically-acclaimed collection of screenplays by Greg Pak, a rising Asian-American writer/director. Contemporary in tone, entertaining in execution, this book immediately becomes a leading touchstone for evaluating the evolving treatment of American ethnicity in 21st century film. Click here for more.


Julie.jpg "these four segments cumulatively offer something much more satisfying than most sci-fi blockbusters. George Lucas could learn something from Pak and his predominantly Asian-American cast about creating credible characters."
- Las Vegas Mercury

"Director Greg Pak's Robot Stories is the most entertainingly humanistic robot film since Metropolis, and anyone who tells you otherwise is probably a replicant and not to be trusted around small animals and electrical outlets."
- Austin Chronicle

"In 20 years, Burning Man has grown from one man's personal bonfire on a nude beach in San Francisco to a fiery bacchanal that attracts nearly 40,000 artists, intellectuals and nonconformists"
- The San Francisco Chronicle

“Barbara Traub captures an expansive desert of everything but normality where monstrous beings of all shapes, colors and sizes congregate each year with contraptions that challenge everyday familiarity.”
- Sidelines Online

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