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These kids are animals! Just like yours, they are proud of their parents and want to be the best!
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The War of Words has begun!

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I'm the Scariest Thing
in the Jungle!

By David Derrick

$15.95, hardcover, 36 Pages,
ISBN: 978-1-59702-087-9, 9.5 x 10

"Dave's curiosity for the natural world is always obvious to me in his work, and he transfers that love for life to who ever chances upon it. His drawings and compositions show the wonder of the natural world, while his humor and his story layer it with life."
- Matt Nolte, Character Designer, Pixar, and illustrator of Brave: One Perfect Day

San Francisco, California- September 15, 2013
Immedium, Inc. proudly announces the publication of the children's picture book I'm the Scariest Thing in the Jungle! Created by professional animator David Derrick, this lively adventure features an animal "Odd Couple": a terrifying young tiger and a fearsome little crocodile engage in a playful war of words. Their spirited banter and humorous romp will entertain young readers.

The story opens when a small but crafty crocodile confidently proclaims, "BOO! I am the scariest thing in the jungle!" However, the mighty tiger cub retorts with a different opinion altogether. Then the battle is joined!

In lush spreads painted in traditional watercolor, this budding rivalry escalates. The two youngsters compare their tremendous stealth, strength, stamina, and even speed. The argument is subtly educating, but overtly hilarious; especially when readers learn what animal is truly the scariest thing in the jungle.

Dave Derrick's first book was the critically acclaimed Sid the Squid and the Search for the Perfect Job, a bestseller at aquariums in Monterey Bay and Long Beach, California. Derrick's second storybook, Animals Don't So I Won't! also showcases an engaging cast of creatures and is sold at venues such as the Los Angeles Zoo.

Illustrated with naturalistic verve by a veteran artist at DreamWorks Feature Animation, I'm the Scariest Thing in the Jungle! will resonate with children and their parents who can identify with the desire to make one's mark, stand out in a crowd, and be proud of one's background and talent. Animal lovers can root for their favorite "king of the jungle" and enjoy repeated readings of this tale of two critters.

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About the Author

Dad David Derrick is a story artist at DreamWorks Feature Animation on the films Megamind, How to Train Your Dragon, Bee Movie, Flushed Away, and Rise of the Guardians, based upon a book by William Joyce. He is the author of Sid the Squid and the Search for the Perfect Job and Animals Don't, So I Won't!. A sculptor of wildlife in bronze, he studied fine art at the University of Utah and graduated from California Institute of the Arts (CALARTS), where his films won a student Emmy award.

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"Conveying movement in art is different from thinking about it. Many can talk about how it works; few are able to articulate the process of converting what one observes onto canvas or into a tactile medium like bronze. David G. Derrick, a former motion picture animator, may have retired from Hollywood studios to pursue his artcareer full-time, but he is forever thinking about how to breathe the illusion of life into his stationary work, using skills he used in projecting magic onto the big screen.

A sketchaholic, he is constantly exploring line and form with graphite paper and digitally...

Derrick is a sculptor and painter. What he does exceptionally well is explaining how the creative process works, using his website and all tools at his disposal. He is a great example of how artists can self-market their work." - Wildlife Art Nature Journal