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Justin wants a pet...and gets wish comes true!
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Justin Time
The Big Pet Story

By Brandon James Scott

$15.95, hardcover, 36 Pages,
ISBN: 978-1-59702-041-1, 9.5 x 10

"The show launched on PBS Sprout in April 2012 and will debut on Disney Junior in Canada in September...The series is about an imaginative boy that travels through time and space to different locations and time periods... The books, which represent the first licensed publishing deal for the property - the show has been on the air in Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and Italy and is set to launch in Latin America, Finland, Israel, and South Korea - are based on episodes of the show, but with all-new art." -PublishersWeekly

San Francisco, California- June 1, 2013

Immedium, Inc. proudly announces the publication of the children's picture book Justin Time: The Big Pet Story. Created by the professional animator Brandon Scott, this colorful adventure is the second story in a book series that is based on episodes from a popular animated television show. The program airs on PBS Sprout in the USA, NBC Kids on Saturday mornings, and on Disney Junior's Family Channel in Canada.

Today Justin wants to have a pet - the bigger the better! So he and his pal Squidgy let their imaginations roam and soon they meet their friend Olive in India. A royal pet keeper, Olive presents "Rajah" Justin his new pet, Tiny the elephant! Playing, feeding, and cleaning up is a big job. Maybe taking care of a pet isn't so easy after all?

History and travel inspire creator Brandon Scott to stoke kids' imaginations. "I love the idea of seeing all these cultures and places and, as a preschool show, exposing little kids to some of this exciting stuff like different countries and different cultures, giving them a taste for it," said Scott. "It could be very cool and important. Maybe later when they're learning about it in school they'll remember seeing it in an episode of Justin Time."

Produced by Guru Studio, the Justin Time animated TV series airs on Disney Junior channels in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Italy. The series will also air on Discovery Kids Latin America, Discovery Familia in the U.S., Finland's YLE, Israel's Hop!, South Korea, and Super RTL (SRTL) Germany.

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About the Author

Olive Brandon James Scott is the creator and art director of Justin Time, an animated series now in production of its second season. At Guru Studio, he has worked as a designer for clients such as DDB New York, Ogilvy, Family Channel and Kraft. Previously, Brandon was an illustrator at JibJab Media where he helped illustrate the children's book The Longest Christmas List Ever. Guru Studio is a Toronto animation production studio that provides financing, concept development, pre- and post-production, marketing, and distribution of animated video content for all platforms.

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"Scott pitched an idea: a boy who went on fun adventures that were entirely of his imagination. He would explore different places - and different eras. ("Justin Time," you see. Waka waka.) And from there, boom: a TV series, albeit one that was years in development, that now airs around the world."
- The National Post