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Our stories are ready made to reach fans worldwide.
Our characters are designed to have universal appeal. They are primed for porting to new media, merchandise, and markets.
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Share our characters with your worlds!

Immedium is an idea factory. Working with talented artists around the world, we aim to create new faces and narratives for contemporary kids and adults to enjoy. The following are examples.

1. The Octonauts

Dog As the publisher of the original four books in The Octonauts series, created by the authors Meomi, Immedium introduced the crew to appreciative American audiences. Due to popular demand, we published sequels to made a four book series that won unfettered acclaim.

Recently we've been proud that The Octonauts have launced as an animated TV show, which is sailing across the globe into the hearts of viewers.

Licensing Track Record

Property Licensee: Chorion UK

  • USA: Disney Junior in 2012
  • UK: BBC Cbeebies: www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/octonauts/
  • - Listen to the Theme Tune
    - Dance to the Creature Report
    - Play at the TV show's site: www.theoctonauts.com
  • France: TF1 Les Octonauts
  • Germany: "Die Oktonauten" on Super RTL and Disney Junior
  • Ireland: RTE
  • Canada: Yoopa
  • Portugal: RTP
  • South Africa: MNet
  • Japan: Disney Junior
  • Italy, India and SE Asia: Disney Junior
  • Thailand: Truevisions
  • South America: Los Octonautas on Discovery Kids
  • Brazil: Discovery Kids Brasil
  • Australia: ABC ABC
  • Scandinavia: YLE, DR and TV2 Norway
  • Middle East: Al Jazeera Children's Channel
  • Israel: Hop!

  • Toys: Fisher Price (worldwide master toy license)

  • Book Series: Foreign Rights Translations:
    - UK and non USA English speaking territories: Harper UK
    - Scandinavia and Germany: Sandviks
    - Brazil: Editora Saraiva
    - Our agents: Harper UK and Japan Uni (Japan)

    2. A Story Before Bed

    Our children's books are now available online at www.astorybeforebed.com.

    Readers can make our stories their own, by customizing the experience and sharing their video by email with friends or family. As long as one has a webcam, a customer can record themselves reading the book, page by page. Like a television's picture in picture feature, they can see themselves in a little window next to the story's illustrations. Then if they like their performance, they can pay an affordable fee to "own" it, and then they can email their "storytime" to another person around the globe who can enjoy playing it.

    This is a great way for parents on the road to send greetings home. Similarly, grandparents and friends can email their love in living color. Plus as a service to our men and women in uniform, people in the United States armed forces can sign up for a special mailing list offering free recordings and discounts so they can send greetings to their children who may be far away.

    The service is accessible on mobile devices like the Apple iPhone.

    We have dozens of more stories with tremendous potential, and look forward to hearing your interest.

    The Next Step

    Howl If you wish to license, serialize, or translate our material, please write Immedium. The books and media Immedium publishes are protected under copyright law, and no permissions are granted verbally or by email.

    We welcome your inquiries regarding copying material for educational use, or licensing subsidiary rights for republication, translation, adaptation into other media (TV, film, etc.) or merchandising. Your permission request should include the following:

    1) The book you are interested in
    - Title
    - Author
    - ISBN

    2) Your company information and proposal
    - title of your book, magazine, newspaper, or publication
    - proposed date of publication
    - price
    - print run (or number of copies desired)
    - territories you need permission for (US, US and Canada, world, etc.)

    3) Your contact information
    - contact name and mailing address
    - phone and fax number
    - email address and web site

    4) Any other information that may help us evaluate your request.

    Incomplete requests will be returned to you for completion. Permission fees may vary, since requests are evaluated on an individual basis.

    Where to send:

    Howl Send your complete proposal to:

    P.O. Box 31846
    San Francisco, CA

    We aim to respond within one month, so please contact us if you have not gotten a reply by then.

    We look forward to hearing from you!