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Every Dog has its Year!

The Year of the Dog: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac

Written by Oliver Chin, Illustrated by Jeremiah Alcorn

"Since Chinese New Year is not religion-based, and its theme is similar to Western culture - to abandon days past and revel in new beginnings - anyone can embrace the culture's biggest annual event"
- The Arizona Daily Star

San Francisco, California-December 15, 2005-Immedium, Inc., proudly announces the publication of The Year of the Dog: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac , written by Oliver Chin and illustrated by Jeremiah Alcorn. This title launches Immedium's annual book series that will highlight the twelve charming animals that animate the Chinese New Year.

2006 is the Year of the Dog! Born on New Year's Day, the puppy Daniel explores the world with his parents and the girl Lin, and learns how to become "man's best friend." Growing up is an adventure, as Daniel and Lin soon share colorful travels. But being a good dog takes practice, as Daniel realizes when he barks up the wrong tree! Can Daniel prove his loyalty and dependability by helping Lin when she needs him the most?

Daniel's rollicking journey to discover his true nature will delight children and adults alike. Bright and dynamic illustrations will appeal to new parents, those interested in Asian culture, and, of course, dog lovers. The Year of the Dog launches the annual series Tales of the Chinese Zodiac and introduces all the charismatic animals from the Chinese lunar calendar, including the pig, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, and rooster.

For nearly 5,000 years, the Chinese Zodiac has organized time in cycles of twelve years. Each year is traditionally represented by an animal that symbolizes unique qualities. Therefore people born in the year of a particular animal have certain personalities and identify with their signs.

Now billions worldwide celebrate this two-week long spring festival. It is regarded as one of the Top 5 children's events in London, England, and the San Francisco Chinese New Year parade began in 1853 and is now the largest celebration outside of Asia. So, welcome the new year by enjoying the entertaining adventures of The Year of the Dog!

$15.95 USA, Children's Picture Book, ISBN: 1-59702-002-8, 10 x 10, 36 pages

About the Authors

Oliver Chin has been called a "comics expert" by the San Jose Mercury News. He authored the critically-acclaimed sports commentary The Tao of Yao: Insights from Basketball's Brightest Big Man and graphic novel 9 of 1: A Window to the World. He helped popularize Japanese animation and comics in America, and is a reviewer for Comics Buyer's Guide, and columnist for Comics and Games Retailer magazine. He lives with his wife and son in San Francisco, CA.

Jeremiah Alcorn is an accomplished artist, character developer and game designer. Winner of the 2003 ACME animation competition, Alcorn resides in Chicago, Il with his wife and two children.

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