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The Octonauts: & the Only Lonely Monster

Written and Illustrated by Meomi

“With a burgeoning roster of sassy and adorable characters, beautifully realized illustrations, and a heap of wit and imagination, Meomi is poised to emerge as a new empire of cuteness!”
- Copacetique Boutique

"Winsome characters that scream LOVE ME. You can't help but do exactly that."
- BabyWit Clothing

San Francisco, California -October 15, 2006-Immedium proudly announces the publication of The Octonauts: The Only Lonely Monster, written and illustrated by the popular design team known as Meomi. This title introduces The Octonauts, a crew of adorable animals who roam the oceans in search of adventure, treasure, and fun!

From their undersea base called "the Octopod", the Octonauts explore a colorful world full of thrills, chills, and gills. The crew of eight talented critters, including a brainy octopus, brave polar bear, daredevil kitten, and scientific sea otter, is always ready to embark on a new exciting voyage.

In this debut episode, the Octonauts encounter a giant sea monster! What will they do? After taking a deep breath, the crew discovers it is a case of mistaken identity. Certainly they can help a giant sea monster find others of his kind, but there is a hook: is he the only one left in the ocean? So, the Octonauts cheerfully proceed to explore the seven seas and see exotic locales and fantastic creatures. Along the way, everyone learns the special value of friendship and individuality.

Combining the instant appeal of Hello Kitty with the intrepid spirit from Star Trek, the Octonauts will entertain and delight children, while adults will appreciate the stylish design and subversive humor. Lushly layered and brightly colored illustrations create a teeming undersea universe that will dazzle readers’ eyes, excite their imaginations, and tickle their funny bones.

Called “charming and beautifully-designed” by comics scholar Scott McCloud, Meomi’s winsome cast of characters have attracted an international audience, from kids and their parents to digital artists and fashion designers. What is their next mission? Stay tuned for the next Octonauts adventure book to find out!
$15.95, hardcover, Children's Picture Book, ISBN: 1-59702-005-2, 11 x 8, 36 pages

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About the Author

Meomi is the happy place inside the minds of Vicki Wong (Vancouver, BC) and Michael Murphy (Los Angeles, CA). Meomi is dedicated to the creation of compelling visual characters and stories that delight, entice, and inspire. Their art has been featured in numerous design books and magazines, while their characters have appeared in clothing, toys, merchandise and games worldwide. Meomi has created art for such companies as Fisher-Price/Mattel, Electronic Arts, Google, Time Out Magazine, Cingular Wireless and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Visit them at www.meomi.com.

About Immedium

Immedium, Inc. inspires a world of imagination, and creates entertaining books that have multi-dimensional appeal. Based in San Francisco, CA, Immedium sits on the Pacific Rim, a vibrant intersection for crossover cultural trends from Asia and America. Embracing an increasingly diverse and "multimedia" world, Immedium publishes titles ranging from eye-catching children's books and contemporary non-fiction to commentaries on art and popular culture. Visit us at www.immedium.com.