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March 2014 - Immedium

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A. Happy Year of the Horse!
The 1st printing of The Year of Horse has sold out - thanks for your support! The 2nd printing is arriving this week.

Continuing her annual tradition, artist Jennifer Wood handcrafted a plush doll of the main character, Hannah the Horse, from felt. Sorry, it's one-of-a-kind!

Jennifer will autograph The Year of the Horse (plus Snake and Dragon: her previous 2 stories in the Tales from the Chinese Zodiac) at the Los Angeles Times Book Festival on April 12. Meet her at USC at 1:30 pm at the Kinokuniya booth #84.

"The Year of Horse tells a charming story and introduces kids to Chinese culture and art. It also offers message about friendship, bravery, and accomplishment. The illustrations, again by illustrator and cartoon character designer Jennifer Wood (who's done work for Nickelodeon and the Cartoon Network), are delightful and infuse The Year of Horse with a lot of appeal and charm. Both my children love the book and keep reading it over and over again." - Marin Mommies

B. I'm the Scariest Thing in the Jungle - Award Finalist
Congratulations to author David Derrick - his new story I'm the Scariest Thing in the Jungle has been named a finalist for the 2014 Bull-Bransom Award.

This award is given annually to recognize excellence in the field of children's book illustration with a focus on nature and wildlife. It is sponsored by the National Museum of Wildlife Art, whose mission is to collect, display, interpret, and preserve the highest quality North American wildlife art, supplemented by wildlife art found throughout the world.

"Derrick's tumbling drawings are delightfully balanced, with the muscular frames of the heroes and the other denizens of their world naturalistically yet loosely drawn and the environment infused with glowing watercolor blues, yellows, and greens...With dialogue colored to identify both characters, this would be ideal for two kids reading along." - ALA Booklist

The 2nd printing of Scariest Thing also arrives this week. Currently Dave is working on his 4th storybook Play with your Food (about a pair of playful prehistoric reptiles), due to be published this September 2014.

C. Teachers can use our "leveled" books
Many elementary schools encourage students to read "leveled" books that match their improving vocabulary and comprehension. Therefore Immedium has gotten all its storybooks rated by Lexile, Fountas & Pinnell, and Common Core.

These measure a story's grade and interest levels, age ranges, genre, and literary and subject themes. Stories are also rated if they can be used to help children catch up to where they should be (aka "reading recovery").

For example: http://www.lexile.com/about-lexile/grade-equivalent/grade-equivalent-chart/

Now educators can know exactly where our titles can help in their classrooms!

Download this Microsoft Excel spreadsheet of our "leveled" books, and share it with your school's teachers and librarians.


The Woollyhoodwinks

"The story uses such imagination, and the pictures are fun. Hazel and I really enjoyed reading it. The characters are similar to common animals, but not quite and are just basic enough for a child to love... So we loved The Woollyhoodwinks vs. The Dark Patch and I loved that it inspired us to sew and craft. The story itself requires some imagination and I was asking Hazel if different parts were really possible in real life. A perfect book to grow a child's imagination and inspire more!" - Crafty Moms Share

Julie Black Belt: The Belt of Fire
By Oliver Chin, illustrated by Charlene Chua

"Well written and beautifully illustrated, Julie Black Belt [The Belt of Fire] is the perfect inspiration for the young elementary age student...I loved this book for a number of reasons. I think is this a great inspiration for girls as it promotes physical and mental strength. I think it's a great introduction to the martial arts - which is a very honorable and helpful discipline for kids of all ages." - Squishable Baby



  • 3/1: Oliver Chin: YOHorse: Chinese American Museum of Los Angeles, CA, pm.
  • 3/3: Oliver Chin: YOHorse: Alamo Elementary School, San Francisco, CA, 9 am.
  • 3/8: Oliver Chin: Julie Black Belt 2: Linden Tree Books, Los Gatos, CA, 1 pm
  • 3/14: Oliver Chin: YOHorse: Rooftop Elementary School, San Francisco, CA, 8 am.
  • 3/18: Oliver Chin: YOHorse: Feinstein Elementary School, San Francisco, CA, 10 am.
  • 3/26: Oliver Chin: Comic Book Workshop: Danville Library, Danville, CA, 4:30 pm.
  • 3/28-30: Brianne Drouhard and Alina Chau: Emerald City Comicon, Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA


  • 4/12: Jennifer Wood: YOHorse: Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, Kinokuniya Bookstores - Booth #84, USC, Los Angeles, CA, 1:30 pm.
  • 4/12: Oliver Chin: Cal Day: UC Berkeley, Morrison Reading Room - Doe Library, Berkeley, CA, 10 am.
  • 4/29: Oliver Chin: YOHorse: Alice Fong Yu Elementary School, San Francisco, CA, am

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