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A. Sid the Squid swims ashore
As promised, we have 2 new stories available! The first is a contemporary hero - ideal for the current American zeitgeist. The author David Derrick is a story artist at Dreamworks and contributed to the recent summer movie How to Train Your Dragon and the upcoming film Megamind. Catch Dave reading story times this month in Southern California!

Sid the Squid and the Search for the Perfect Job
- get free coloring pages at http://dgderrick.wordpress.com/for-kids/

"the crowning work by Immedium, in our humble estimation, is Sid the Squid...Sid is looking for a good job in the city. His arms are both a blessing and a curse and he is having a frightful time trying to find a job that is just right for him. Eventually he meets with success though. A whole book with pictures and illustrations of a squid?! Be still our little three year-old hearts! Awesome book title. Loved it thoroughly." - Reading to Know

CONTEST: Win a 8 x 10 print of the book cover!
Ask your child to draw Sid the Squid and email us a photo of them & their artwork to Sid@immedium.com. One lucky winner will get a photo print of Sid (suitable for framing).

B. Space Cadet Topo launches
Our second story is an out of this world adventure. The Buenos Aires artists DGPH are creators of limited edition vinyl toys, dolls, and apparel. Their favorite character Topo is a brave astronaut who saves the day!

Space Cadet Topo: The Day the Sun Turned Off
- get free coloring pages at www.dgph.com.ar/spacecadet/

"Space Cadet Topo has cute art and a pleasant story about a dashing mole, his robot companions, and their adventures in space. In tone and look, it reminded me a lot of The Octonauts...Indeed, like all of Immedium's books, Space Cadet Topo is an excellent option for parents tired of the repackaged cartoon episode books that fill most bookstores and Scholastic order forms. It passed the key test: My son begged me to read it again after we finished." - Super Punch

CONTEST: Win a 8 x 10 print of the book cover!
Ask your child to draw Space Cadet Topo and email us a photo of them & their artwork to Topo@immedium.com. Again, one lucky winner will get a photo print of Topo (suitable for framing). Plus the first two people who order the book online from us will get a free NASA "Journey to the Stars" educator's guide and DVD!

C. The Octonauts come to TV!
October has always been "Octonauts" month here at Immedium. For the past four years, we've proudly published a new Octo-rrific tale with the artists Meomi. However this year, we have special news: The Octonauts animated TV series debuts in the United Kingdom on October 4, 2010!

The BBC leads the way, as our favorite ocean explorers will soon hit the airwaves in France (TF1), Australia (ABC), Scandinavia, and more countries to come:

"CBeebies is inviting children to take the plunge and go on an exciting voyage of discovery through the world's oceans this autumn with animated adventurers The Octonauts. Splashing onto CBeebies from Monday 4 October, The Octonauts are a new band of heroes who patrol the oceans and have thrilling adventures underwater."

Plus the BBC interviews Captain Barnacles Bear!

While you program your DVRs, catch up on all the original stories from Immedium too!


Julie Black Belt
(978-1-59702-021-3, $15.95)

"I could see this book as one that could be successfully tweaked for the different martial arts. Change China to Korea, Sifu to Sah Bum Nim, and Kung fu to Tae Kwon Do - this story's overall message is the same. I would recommend this book for any martial arts student (or potential student) as a way to show the reality of martial arts and the pride one can have for EARNING a yellow belt, instead of being handed a black belt."
- One Zillion Books

The Octonauts & the Great Ghost Reef
(978-1-59702-005-3, $15.95)

"My children are more environmentally conscious than I was at their age. They also love cute things like Hello Kitty and Kirby. So when I saw The Octonauts and the Great Ghost Reef by Meomi at my library I had to check it out. As soon as I started reading the story, both children dropped what they were doing. They snuggled next to me on the couch for me to read the book." - Puss Reboot



- 10/7: 9th Annual Presidio Teachers' Night, Golden Gate Club, Presidio, San Francisco, CA, 5 pm
- 10/10: David Derrick: Sid the Squid: Zimmer Museum, 6505 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90048, (323) 761-8984, 2:30 pm
- 10/16: San Francisco Babes & Babies event, Mill Valley Community Center, 180 Camino Alto, CA, 9 am.
- 10/17: Oliver Chin: TTT Golden Gate Live Steamers, Tilden Park, Berkeley, CA, 11 am.
- 10/19: David Derrick: Sid the Squid: Castaic Public Library, 27971 Sloan Canyon Rd., Castaic, CA 91384, (661) 257-7410, 6:15 pm
- 10/24: David Derrick: Sid the Squid: Heal the Bay's Santa Monica Pier Aquarium , 1600 Ocean Front Walk, Santa Monica CA 90401, (310) 393-6149, 2:30 pm
- 10/26: Oliver Chin: Graphic Novel class: San Carlos Charter Learning Center: San Carlos, CA
- 10/28: David Derrick: Sid the Squid: Meadows Elementary School, Valencia, CA


- 11/19: David Derrick: Sid the Squid: CTN Expo, Burbank Convention Center, Burbank, CA.


Celebrate Teen Read Week and World Teacher Day (and don't forget Mother-in-Law's Day)!

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