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DGPH is the creator of Space Cadet Topo: The Day the Sun Turned Off.

DGPH is Martin Lowenstein and Diego and Andres Vaisberg, who in 2005 created a leading Argentinian design firm that blends art, illustration, and animation. Creators of limited edition vinyl toys, DGPH is known for its popular character Topo (Spanish for "mole"). Their artwork has exhibited worldwide and for clients like Nike, Converse, Merrell, Fiat, and Fanta.

In their own words, DGPH makes " 'happy toys'. Cute little fellas. The basic recipe for our guys/creations are: a little bit of manga influence, with some street-style, add a bit of harmless 'stupidity' on them, mix-in some nice colours and there you have it: a DGPH creature! I think with these basics, we can do a simple, cute and fun toy."

As they told Colorvision Magazine, their artistic influences are "Jim Flora, Tim Biskup, Takashii Murakami, 50s illustrations, American Comics, Charles Harper...Studios like MK12 or Lobo too."

Previously, DGPH produced the "Ark Project", an illustrated animal bible by +200 artists from all over the world, and the limited edition comic book Topo: Amazing Adventures.

DGPH has exhibited its artwork in galleries worldwide, such as at Artoyz (Paris, France), Pixie Gallery (Taipei, Taiwan), and Nakano Broadway (Tokyo, Japan).

Visit their official site www.dgph.com.ar.
"Anyone who carries DGPH is in like flynn in my books."
- Splash Fantastic


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Bubble Mole
Colour Way
Sam the Mushroom