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Be a player and get your game on!
Julie discovers that getting good at something new may be worth her while after all.
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Julie Black Belt
The Kung Fu Chronicles

Written by Oliver Chin
Illustrated by Charlene Chua

$15.95, hardcover, 36 Pages,
ISBN: 1-59702-009-5, 10.5 x 8.5

"Such a great combination of stunning pictures and gripping story. I absolutely love the illustrations."
- Anna Tharyan, Toronto Public Library

When Julie takes a kung fu class, she thinks getting a black belt will be easy. But her bold teacher says guess again! As reality doesn't match her expectations, Julie wonders what would her matinee idol Brandy Wu do?

Can Julie take her lessons to heart? Only then can this "white belt" pass her next test to show her brother, parents, and heroine this sport's true spirit.

Colorful and energetic illustrations capture both high-flying action and purposeful reflection. Julie is a refreshing character whom children everywhere can identify with. This engaging tale of "kung fu enlightening" shows what real kid power is!

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More praise for Julie Black Belt

Mom "Julie Black Belt and its wonderful imagery are a great introduction for young readers into the world of martial arts."
- Phillip Wong, 13-time national and international Wushu Grand Champion, and Zhang Hong Mei, China's National Wushu Team, International Games Gold medallist.

"The ingenious illustrations of Charlene Chua drive the narrative as writer Oliver Chin offers clever stealth lessons, affirming the rewards of dedication and practice. This charming volume makes Kung Fu fun & appealing - it's a book both my young children will want to read over and over!"
- Steve Lafler, graphic novelist

"This is a great book for girls (or boys!) who are interested in martial arts. The message is practice and hard work get results and that applies to most things in life."
- PinkwithSparkles

"With art by Charlene Chua, Julie Black Belt features a girl who decides that with a little hard work, kung fu can be fun."
- Super Punch

Julie Black Belt "…the illustrations are so bright and vivid, younger kids may enjoy the story anyway. Charlene Chua definitely does a great job. There are lots of nice details while keeping everything simple and clean. The martial arts seem to be very popular these days; there's probably 3 or 4 studios in our little town. So, if your little one is interested, or if you're looking to get your child interested, this book might be perfect for you."
- SuperCoolBaby

"Colorful, energetic and beautifully drawn, it's a fun little story with a good lesson for the kids."
- Angry Asian Man

"Finding a female Asian heroine in a children's book is a pleasant surprise...Parents struggling to instill values in their children will appreciate the persevering young heroine who forgets external rewards while focusing on internal goals. The illustrations, reminiscent of 'The Incredibles' animated film, are bright and crisp. Take a look at this book. You might even see yourself in Julie."
- Nichibei Times

"I recommend this book. The characters' constant state of motion adds excitement to the story. The kung fu classes are filled with male and female racially diverse students, and their cartoon-like appearance will appeal to children. When children read Julie's story they will understand how important and beneficial it can be to keep going despite difficulties. Julie's tireless effort and enthusiastic attitude create a positive ending to this story."
- Resource Links

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Julie Black Belt "Practice makes perfect. That's what Julie learns in her beginning kung fu class along with lessons about dedication and determination...a high-action story that encourages deep reflection despite the action movie look."
- San Francisco Chronicle

"The exuberant digital illustrations show Julie's journey from enthusiastic beginner to struggling novice to poised and confident student who earns her yellow belt... youngsters interested in the sport will be thrilled to follow Julie's adventures. Other readers may also learn something from Julie's determination to meet her goals."
- School Library Journal

"Evocative of graphic novels, the illustrations will catch readers' attention...Many of the illustrations are mid-action sequences that will give readers the impression that they are watching a movie instead of reading a book with static pictures."
- CM magazine

"Julie wonders what her big screen idol would do...Find out through Charlene Chua's lively illustrations in this engaging and empowering read."
- Audrey Magazine

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Lexile Level: 810L
Lexile Code: AD "adult directed"
Fountas & Pinnel (F&P GRL): L
GLE (Grade Level): 2
Interest Level: K-3
Reading Recovery Level (RRL): 19