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Finding the ideal job isn't easy...
Especially if you have 10 arms. Bravery. Persistence. Luck. Sid is a job seeker like the kid in every one of us!
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Sid the Squid
and the Search for the Perfect Job

By David G. Derrick, Jr.

$15.95, hardcover, 36 Pages,
ISBN: 978-1-59702-021-3, 11 x 8

"Sid the Squid is the perfect introduction for any child to meet one of the ocean's unlikeliest heroes. I have no doubt that once a child has been initiated into the whimsical world of Sid, the book will become an oft-requested favorite."
- Steve Hickner, Director of Prince of Egypt and Bee Movie, Dreamworks Animation

Who said a giant squid can't find the perfect job? Sid has scoured the ocean but now he gets a lead: go ashore! But how can a squid out of water find suitable work? Luckily he meets a girl named Alice, who helps him on his quest.

Sid's humorous and poignant journey will resonate with readers of all ages. Kids are encouraged to try many activities and pursue their dreams. Adults, who want a steady paycheck but yearn for personal fulfillment, also will identify with Sid's experience of trials, errors...and finally success!

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More praise for Sid the Squid

Firefighter "What's your dream job? Sid the squid struggles with this question by trying out numerous jobs that he could be successful at. He ends up doing what he truly loves based on the innate gifts that naturally define who he is."
- Joel Garfinkle, workplace author

"Sid the Squid is an inspiring tale for readers of all ages of how truly important it is to find gratifying work. Dave Derrick's illustrations of Sid and his quest for finding a job that he will love are vivid and engaging while depicting the meaningful message that anyone can find work that makes them happy!"
- Julie Jansen, career coach

Police Woman "Sid the Squid was truly wonderful! The expressions on Sid's face are priceless, the art is fantastic, and I love that the artist added the Monterey Bay Aquarium kelp forest. Thanks for sharing and publishing this wonderful book!"
- Dori DeCommer, Youth Services Librarian, Contra Costa County, California

"Just finished reading Sid the Squid and loved it. Absolutely charming... and believe me, I've read thousands of kid's books... and I loved this one...Terrific that it allows the reader to start a discussion with children about what they want to do when they grow up"
- Lindy Michaels, Barnes & Noble, CA

"it's hilarious to see Sid's multitasking legs in handsome, computer-generated cartoon illustrations rendered by a seasoned DreamWorks story artist."
- Bayviews, November 2010, Association of Children's Librarians of Northern California

"My son loves Sid the Squid and I love reading it to him. We highly recommend this book... the staying power of this book has made me glad that I bought it. The more I read this book to my three-year-old son the more I appreciate it."
- The Picture Book Review

"I love this book because it can teach a child a variety of different lessons including various language concepts."
- Gravity Bread


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Julie Black Belt "This book is awesome! I love it."
- Mike Chamberlain, Manager of Innovation, Guest Experience, Monterey Bay Aquarium

"If you want to look for a moral in this story, I think perhaps a more valuable one can be found in Sid's generous spirit. Above all, he wants to help others, and that unselfish desire is eventually what finds him the right job…The art is gorgeous, expressive, and for the most part scientifically accurate...Would I read Sid the Squid to my kids? Absolutely."
- Science 2.0

"But the crowning work by Immedium, in our humble estimation, is Sid the Squid: and the Search for the Perfect Job...A whole book with pictures and illustrations of a squid?! Be still our little three year old hearts! Awesome book title. Loved it thoroughly."
- Carrie Brownell, Reading to Know

"For parents looking for a storybook, it's a solid choice with charming art and wholesome story. My son, who initially was not in the mood to read, became intrigued and eager to see which job the squid would try (and fail at) next."
- Super Punch

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