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Immedium has produced limited edition posters for its popular books. Each is $3.00 (plus $1.50 shipping and handling for USA addresses). They come pre-folded for easier mailing. Click each poster to see a larger image.
WonderBaby, 18x24 Robot Stories, 18x24 Year of the Dog, 16x20


We've also printed limited edition postcards for other books. Receive a complimentary one with each copy you order online.

Desert to Dream Year of the Pig The Octonauts
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"Built around the themes of love, death, family, and of course robots, Korean director Greg Pak's Robot Stories beautifully styles four tales. Through narratives both hilarious and touching, humans are forced to interact with robots in a way that eerily reflects the growing influence technology has on our lives... Each story is stunningly executed and moving in its own right."
- San Francisco Bay Guardian