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A. The Octonauts set Sail!
Thanks for making October the Octonauts month! The author Meomi enjoyed a whirlwind tour of San Francisco Bay area bookstores, spearheaded by a jolly "soiree" on October 18th hosted by Books, Inc. in Laurel Village. Naturally, we made the American book publishing world's picture of the day!

Meomi is continuing its campaign up north in "neighbourly" Canada, so feel free to tell your favorite neighborhood store to start selling the book! Meanwhile, word of the Octonauts' infectious cuteness is spreading across the Web like proverbial wildfire:

· PaperArts, SFGate.com, SFist.com, Venuszine.com, PaperCrave

We couldn't have put it any better than Venuszine, "Critter lovers, young and old alike, will fall in love with Meomi's new book series based on the voyages of their popular gang of explorers, the Octonauts... The Octonauts & the Only Lonely Monster is sure to charm its way to the inner child in all of us."

B. The Desert Burns Year Round
Author Barbara Traub, Burning Man founder and director Larry Harvey, and editor Tracy Swedlow recently were interviewed by host Henry Tenenbaum on San Francisco's KRON-TV morning show (10/28/06).

Plus Nevada magazine picked Desert to Dream: A Decade of Burning Man Photography as a top gift-giving item on its 2006 Holiday Bookshelf.

Barbara continues to present her work to appreciative audiences on November 2nd at FotoGraphix Books in San Francisco, November 14th at Barnes & Noble in San Jose, and at a December exhibit at the Berkeley Public Library.

C. A New Year Approaches...Oink, Oink!
At Immedium, we steadfastly refuse to put up Christmas decorations before Halloween. But due to popular demand we are publishing the sequel to The Year of the Dog before 2007!

The second in the series Tales from the Chinese Zodiac, The Year of the Pig features the adventures of the gallant piglet Patty and a new cast of characters. Copies will be available before Thanksgiving, so feel free to conveniently pre-order a copy today and make your shopping that much easier.

If you're looking for suitable holiday presents for loved ones, here are our suggestions:

Personal Interest Book
New parents/baby WonderBaby, The Year of the Dog/Pig
Children's storybooks The Octonauts, The Year of the Dog/Pig
Sci Fi/Comics fans Robot Stories and More Screenplays, WonderBaby
Art/Design Desert to Dream, The Octonauts
Asian-American Robot Stories and More Screenplays, The Year of the Dog/Pig

Now you should have all your bases covered, so don't blame us if you join those Post-Thanksgiving Day crowds!

The Octonauts
(ISBN: 1-59702-005-2, $15.95)

"I usually hate 'cuteness' but this book breaks through to even my cold dead heart...Come on, we're talking about 'a valiant polar bear, daredevil kitten, and big-hearted penguin.' DAREDEVIL KITTEN awwww...I'm considering making friends with people who have kids, just so I have an excuse to buy, like, a zillion copies."
- San Francisco Chronicle, 10/19/06, SFGate.com, Arts and Culture

"Another valuable lesson the book makes is that of critical reading: the digitally created cartoons are great fun, the gang of friendly pets brims with energy, the text is full of wit."
- Sfist.com


Desert to Dream: A Decade of Burning Man Photography
(ISBN: 1-59702-003-6, $29.95)

"Critically acclaimed photographer Barbara Traub takes readers on a stunning visual journey that brings to life 10 years of Burning Man, an annual weeklong gathering in Nevada's Black Rock Desert. The event, also known as the Black Rock Arts Festival, attracts about 40,000 people from around the world who pay homage to human imagination through unusual costumes - or, in some cases, no costumes at all - and other forms of art. The book also includes a foreword and afterword by Burning Man founder Larry Harvey."
- Nevada Magazine, December 2006 issue



- 11/2: Oliver Chin: Create Your Own Comics: Fairfield Public Library, 1150 Kentucky Street, Fairfield, CA, 4 pm.
- 11/2: Barbara Traub: D2D: FotoGraphix Books, 655 Mission St, San Francisco, CA, (415) 495-7242, 7 pm.
- 11/8: Greg Pak: Robot Stories, New York University MFA Program, New York, NY, 11 am.
- 11/8: Barbara Traub: D2D: Pleasant Hill Library, 1750 Oak Park Blvd, (925) 646-6434, 7 pm.
- 11/10: Oliver Chin: Create Your Own Comics: Portola Branch - San Francisco Public Library, 2450 San Bruno Ave, CA, (415) 355-5660, 3:30 pm.
- 11/14: Barbara Traub: D2D: Barnes and Noble, The Pruneyard, 1875 S. Bascom Avenue Ste 240, Campbell, CA, 408-559-8101, 7 pm.
- 11/14: Oliver Chin: Children's Book Week: Pacifica Public Library, CA, 10:30 am.
- 11/15: Oliver Chin: Early Childhood Education presentation: City College of San Francisco, CA, 10 am.
- 11/22: Meomi: Octonauts: Canadian Children's Book Week Gala, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 6 pm.
- 11/30: Meomi: Octonauts: Sophia Books, 450 West Hastings St, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 7pm.


- 12/7: Oliver Chin: Create Your Own Comics: Mill Valley Public Library, 375 Throckmorton Ave, CA, 7 pm.
- 12/10: Barbara Traub: D2D: Berkeley Public Library: Main Branch, 2090 Kittredge, 2 pm.


Let's give thanks for dear family and good friends…you know they deserve it!

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