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Changing the sea one smile at a time!
8 cute friends. One Octopod. Assorted neat vehicles. The problems of the ocean watch out! The Octonauts are on the way: Explore! Rescue! Protect!
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Meomi is dedicated to the creation of compelling visual experiences and narratives. They do work for multiple mediums and strongly believe in design that delights, entices, and inspires.

Meomi specializes in Critter design because it is their passion. They are deeply committed to creating the highest quality critters possible, and this clearly shows in their Octonauts books:
- The Octonauts & the Great Ghost Reef (2009)
- The Octonauts & the Frown Fish (2008)
- The Octonauts & the Sea of Shade (2007)
- The Octonauts & the Only Lonely Monster (2006)

Recently they created the mascots for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

Meomi is Vicki Wong (who lives in Vancouver with her blue bicycle and Munki) and Michael Murphy (who writes songs with his Sweaterpup in Los Angeles). Meomi’s artwork has been featured in numerous illustration and design books, while their characters have appeared on clothing, toys, merchandise and magazines worldwide. Meomi has created art for such clients as Fisher-Price/Mattel, Electronic Arts, Google, Time Out Magazine, Cingular Wireless and the BBC. Learn more at www.meomi.com.


"It may be a picture book, but the pictures are what it is all about. We'll say right now that cute is a word that is probably impossible to avoid using in reference to the gang of 7 animals and one vegimal (part vegetable, part animal) who have underwater adventures…The illustrations are simply amazing: colourful digital cartoons that have the mark of becoming classics. Each page is chock full of details to pore over."
- ArtMoCo

"I've been a fan of Meomi for a number of years and it's not surprising that her acquired craft as an illustrator, her attention to details and the passion shown to illustrating sweetness would take the form of children books. The characters have each a compelling personality and the story is a voyage in the realm of a very fertile imagination and the plot unfolds with page after page of visual goodness...Mind you, if you're a serious illustrator, her books are a must have for study and reference."
- NetDiver

"Meomi is charming and beautifully-designed."
- Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics

"If you could taste Meomi, it would taste like strawberries and sherbet!"
- Craig Robinson, Flipflopflyin’


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