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Read the writer before he set Marvel's Universe on fire.
Before Silver Surfer. Vison Machine. World War Hulk. Phoenix Endsong. Robots as people - screenplays as art.
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Robot Stories
and More Screenplays

By Greg Pak

$14.95, hardcover, 236 Pages,
ISBN: 1-59702-000-1, 6 x 9

"An award winning filmmaker and now hot as hell newcomer…[Pak] is a writer on the cusp, right at the unique precipice between upstart and industry great."
- Joe Quesada, Editor in Chief, Marvel Comics

Winner of 35 film festival awards, Robot Stories is an acclaimed independent movie, written by rising Asian-American director Greg Pak. In four intertwined stories, people struggle to connect in a technological world.

- In My Robot Baby a couple cares for a robot before adopting a human child.
- In The Robot Fixer a mother reaches out to her dying son by completing his toy robot collection.
- In Machine Love an office worker android learns that he, too, needs love.
-In Clay an old sculptor chooses between natural death and digital immortality.

Praised as "the kind of science fiction sophisticated audiences crave and deserve," the screenplay is a rich and rewarding reading experience, and follows in the literary tradition of Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury.

This collection includes Pak's scripts from his popular comic shorts Asian Pride Porn, All Amateur Ecstasy, Mouse, and Cat Fight Tonight. It features original commentary by the author and a foreword by Tony Award winning playwright David Henry Hwang.

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More praise for Robot Stories

"Greg Pak's fantasy anthology piece, which details the ways robots have complicated the lives of humans, has a dexterous sense of wonder…He's a talent with a future."
- Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times
- The Village Voice

"A tremendously powerful set of vignettes. Writer/director Greg Pak uses four stories about robots to create wonderfully human moments...Quiet subtlety abounds throughout these terrific shorts...Another must-see."
- Bobby Kirk, Playback St. Louis

"It will be interesting to see what [director Greg] Pak can do with a film that gets a little more funding and wider release. Then again, a big studio and a big budget wouldn't have improved Robot Stories. It's fairly close to perfect already."
- San Francisco Chronicle

"Robot Stories is composed of four separate, exemplary tales about the nebulous boundary between man and machine. An independent production devoid of expensive, and unnecessary, special effects, it offers crisp glimpses into a near future in which the intelligence is artificial but the emotion is real."
- San Antonio Current

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Machine Love "If this well-done collection of four shorts was on paper instead of film, you'd find it in the pages of The New Yorker or Atlantic Monthly. Writer-director Greg Pak focuses on our contemporary computerized lives -- occasionally delving into the future -- in a weighty and relevant anthology."
- Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

"It will be interesting to see what Pak can do with a film that gets a little more funding and wider release. Then again, a big studio and a big budget wouldn't have improved 'Robot Stories.' It's fairly close to perfect already."
- Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle

"Forget Hellboy. Robot Stories is the real deal -- a science-fiction with a brain and a heart."
- Ed Blank, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"Ostensibly about artificial life forms, each of these four short, expertly crafted stories offers a poignant perspective on what it means to be human... Following in the footsteps of Ray Bradbury, Rod Serling and Philip K. Dick rather than George Lucas, Pak returns to the tradition of intelligent, humanistic sci-fi and reminds us of the value of good genre fiction."
- Ken Fox, TV Guide

"In less than 90 minutes, Robot Stories says more about humanity's relationship to machines than the entire Matrix trilogy. At its best, this quartet of vignettes could also be favorably compared to Minority Report (without the budget) and A.I. (without the bluster)."
- St. Louis Post-Dispatch


"An exhilarating ride by a masterful filmmaker, four utterly engrossing tales which speak with the wisdom of parables to our technologically-obsessed age. Greg Pak infuses each moment of this beautiful film with an infectious wonder at the joys and complexities of existence."
- David Henry Hwang (M. Butterfly, Flower Drum Song)

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