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The Discovery of Chess
The Asian Hall of Fame

Written by Oliver Chin
and Phil Amara
Illustrated by Juan Calle

$15.95, hardcover
36 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-59702-162-3
9.5 x 10

"Chess is Booming: ... Not since an American became world champion in 1972 had there been such a surge of interest in chess."
- New York Times

"Chess is life in miniature. Chess is struggle, chess is battles."
- Garry Kasparov

San Francisco, California- September 1, 2023
- Immedium announces the publication of the children's picture book The Discovery of Chess. Written by Phil Amara and Oliver Chin and illustrated by artist Juan Calle, this is the fourth tale in the fascinating and informative series The Asian Hall of Fame.

The Discovery of Chess is the first English children's picture book on where chess came from and how it evolved through the centuries! Players of all ages will enjoy this informative, entertaining, and exciting journey.

Dao is a cute red panda who can travel back in time and place! He befriends the curious kids Ethan and Emma and transports them to Asia in the blink of an eye. Together they have fun discovering how very cool things were invented there.

Now the trio begins their new adventure in ancient India. In the 5th century C.E. they see how rival rajahs adapted war strategy into competitive battle of wits. The four parts of their army (including the elephant) became pieces to protect their kings! Propelled by empires and trade, the board game traveled west to Europe in medieval times. Dao and the kids see the introduction of the powerful Queen. In the past 200 years, chess became an international pastime, cultural touchstone, a sport that mixed politics and computers. Learn about how pieces changed, the King and Queen's Gambits, and trailblazing players such as Garry Kasparov, Judit Polgar, and Magnus Carlsen!

Just like in The Discovery of Ramen, Fireworks & Gunpowder and Anime & Manga, co-authors Amara and Chin make history come alive. Juan Calle illustrations sparkle with action as warriors, matriarchs, grandmasters, and literary figures take the field! Travelling the Silk Road, readers will encounter shahs and Moors. They will meet Benjamin Franklin, Bobby Fischer, and Nona Gaprindashvili. They will appreciate Marcel Duchamp's quote: "Not all artists are chess players, but all chess players are artists."

The ground-breaking The Discovery of Chess features a glossary of terms. Enjoy another amazing invention from The Asian Hall of Fame!

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About the Authors

Ethan Oliver Chin and Phil Amara co-wrote More Awesome Asian Americans, the sequel to the critically-acclaimed non-fiction graphic novel Awesome Asian Americans.

Oliver wrote the popular annual children's book series Tales from the Chinese Zodiac, Julie Black Belt, and Welcome to Monster Isle. He lives in San Francisco, CA.

Phil was an editor at Dark Horse Comics, and wrote The Nevermen, The Treehouse Heroes, and So, You Wanna Be A Comic Book Artist? He is a public school elementary teacher in Chinatown in Boston, MA.

Juan Calle founded Liberum Donum Studios (Bogot√°, Colombia) which works on TV, film, and video games. Juan created the children's book Good Dream, Bad Dream and illustrated The Year of the Rooster, and The Asian Hall of Fameseries.

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People love The Asian Hall of Fame!

"Aside from delivering a delightful story, The Discovery of Ramen makes its contribution to children's literature by representing Asian topics, bringing more diversity to the genre. The book educates and informs, while engaging imaginations with its sprightly characters and dynamic descriptions..."
- Sampan

"Amara and Chin pack as much STEM information into Dao You's [Fireworks & Gunpowder] history lesson as there is metallic powder in pyrotechnic stars...Calle's bright cartoons infuse energy and enthusiasm into each spread."
- Publishers Weekly

"An appealing, informative read for anime and manga enthusiasts that shows young fans that their favorite comic and animation style has a long and rich history."
- School Library Journal