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The World's Most Popular Game!
This is 1st English children's book on the origins of chess!
4th in our series The Asian Hall of Fame
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The Game of Royals and the Public!

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The Discovery of Chess
The Asian Hall of Fame

Written by Phil Amara and Oliver Chin
Illustrated by Juan Calle

$16.95, hardcover, 40 Pages,
ISBN: 978-1-59702-162-3, 9.5 x 10

Learn about the most popular game in human history!

The Discovery of Chess is the first English children's book on how chess came to be.

Dao is an adorable red panda who can travel back in time and place! He befriends the curious kids Ethan and Emma and transports them in the blink of an eye to Asia. Together they (and appreciative readers) have fun discovering how some very cool creations were invented there. If only every school field trip was like this!

In their latest adventure, the trio teleport to India to see how chess was created! Using the traditional parts of the ancient Indian army, rajas strategized, using a board as a battlefield. This battle of wits traveled west along the Silk Road and across empires. Pieces and play evolved into Europe, influenced by royalty, religion, and the Renaissance.

Through travel and media, chess conquered the world of recreation!

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Chess is more popular today than ever before

Ethan "Chess is a sea in which a gnat may drink, and an elephant may bathe."
- Hindu proverb

"An hour's history of two minds is well told in a game of chess."
- Jose Raul Capablanca, world chess champion (1921-1927)

"The turning point in my career came with the realization that Black should play to win instead of just steering for equality."
- Bobby Fischer, world chess champion (1972)

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Advance Review

Emma "I was pleased to go on yet another journey with our very own Dao - The Red Panda. The lovable characters are personable and create a perfect platform to explore the history of chess and combine it with witty humor and colorful animation."
- Asita Anand, Director of Lower School, Stratford-Fremont, CA

"Chess can open up a kid's brain, and develop it in a playful creative way. They can learn playfully about creative, strategic, and logical thinking, and quick problem-solving."
- Judit Polgar, women's world chess champion

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Lexile Level: 760L
Lexile Code: AD "adult directed"
Fountas & Pinnel (F&P GRL): T
GLE (Grade Level): 5
Interest Level: 3-7
Reading Recovery Level (RRL):