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Juan Calle

Juan Calle is the lead illustrator on our recent storybooks:

- Good Dream, Bad Dream
- The Year of the Rooster

Asian Hall of Fame series:
- The Discovery of Ramen
- The Discovery of Fireworks & Gunpowder
- The Discovery of Anime & Manga

- That Girl on TV Could be Me
- Awesome Asian Americans

A former biologist turned science illustrator for more than 15 years, Juan trained on the Science Illustration program at UC Monterey Bay. He worked early on his illustrator career for field guides of plants and animals of his country of origin, Colombia, and now owns and works in his art studio, LIBERUM DONUM, creating concept art, storyboarding and his passion: comic books.

Since 2014 he has illustrated many Immedium stories, such as the Asian Hall of Fame series, and the recent releases of That Girl on TV Could be Me and Awesome Asian Americans.

Based in Bogota, Colombia, Liberum Donum is a studio that creates print media, editorial, advertising, 2D and 3D animation for movies and TV, and visual development for video games.

Their mission statement is:
Venturing in a vast universe of ideas, with the animation and the illustration as our tools, we restlessly search for the new frontier. We have traveled far but there is still much to discover. What will this fabulous adventure bring up next? Join us in our next mission.

Visit Liberum Donum's website at www.liberumdonum.com.

Visit his deviantArt gallery at onikaizer.deviantart.com.

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"Wow, this is one beautiful book. Good Dream, Bad Dream is a refreshingly fun read and a visually stunning treat. The illustrations are so lush and layered in imagination that you’ll be returning to it time and again to inspire your dreams."
— Jeff Miracola, artist, Magic: the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, and Welcome to Monster Isle.

"As a teacher, I like cool read-aloud books like this. As an author, I like the creative spirit. As a guy with some pretty silly dreams, I like how this book speaks to me. The only bad dream would be if there's no sequel."
— Phil Amara, author of The Treehouse Heroes, The Nevermen, and So, You Want to Be a Comic Book Artist?: The Ultimate Guide on How to Break Into Comics!

School Library Journal highly recommended Good Dream, Bad Dream:
"In this action-packed, brightly illustrated bilingual book, a common childhood fear is addressed... The English/Spanish text demonstrates care and attention, allowing readers to access words that appropriately portray the hero given the mythology portrayed"


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Good Dream, Bad Dream:
"Enlisting the powers of some awesome heroes transforms a child's nightmares into commanding dreams in this bilingual flight of the imagination... The clever approach to an age-old bedtime issue will help strengthen vulnerable little minds with some resilient thinking." - Kirkus Reviews