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Strength. Tranformation. Speed. Invisibility. Wind.
Five youth. Five powers. One mission: to protect those in need!
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New heroes for a new age

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The Treehouse Heroes
The Forgotten Beast

By Phil Amara
Illustrated by Alin Chua.

$15.95, hardcover, 36 Pages,
ISBN: 978-1-59702-034-3, 8 x 11

"A charming and magical story. The art is poetic and beautiful!"
- Steward Lee, Director on Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series.

From their treehouse headquarters, come five teen titans and their wise teacher. Now they must save the "Zez," a mystical beast, from an encroaching civilization, the menacing General Moon, and his soldiers. Using all their varied powers, can the Treehouse Heroes protect their new friend and restore the balance of nature?

Written by a Dark Horse comics editor and illustrated by a Star Wars: The Clone Wars animator, this fresh blend of adventure and lyrical art will excite young readers.

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More praise for Treehouse Heroes

Firefighter "A whimsical tale of the magical Zez, and her adventures with the treehouse heroes & the evil general moon. A story of magic, hope, belief and wonderment, written by Phil Amara and beautifully accented by the lush illustration of Alina Chau."
- Ally Takeuchi, Swoon Gallery, Los Angeles

"Amara and Chau have created an enchanting tale of magic, heroism and plenty of action. It so evokes a rich ancient fable you'd think it has existed for hundreds of years. But it hasn't and that's the best part. They've conjured up something classic, yet so new. I love it."
- Dan Yaccarino, children's author and creator of Willa's Wild Life and Oswald TV series

"A charming book, I've shown it to all the kids in my family and they want me to read it to them again and again!"
- Tony Millionaire, author of Sock Monkey: A Children's Book

"In this book, we are reminded, with a light touch, that nature is both miraculous and fragile. A good part of preserving this beautiful world lies with each of us. The illustrations themselves seem to move like the wind or a flowing stream and remind us of the natural world around us. The style of the illustrations well reflect the message of the story."
- Thomas E. Richner, Associate Professor of Animation at The Columbus College of Art and Design

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"Simply Epic, makes me want to be a kid again."
- Pascal Campion, Artist

"A wonderfully imaginative story. The illustrations are stunning. I look forward to have it sitting on my book shelf!"
- John Yanok, illustrator

"A beautiful and unusual magical adventure."
- Kellie Strom, author

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