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This is 1st English children's book on fireworks and gunpowder ever!
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The Discovery of Fireworks and Gunpowder
The Asian Hall of Fame

Written by Phil Amara and Oliver Chin
Illustrated by Juan Calle

$16.95, hardcover, 40 Pages,
ISBN: 978-1-59702-142-5, 9.5 x 10

Everyone agrees that an entertaining celebration needs fireworks. But do you know how they came to be?

The Discovery of Fireworks and Gunpowder is the first English children's book on these topics.

Dao is an adorable red panda who can travel back in time and place! He befriends the curious kids Ethan and Emma and transports them in the blink of an eye to Asia. Together they (and appreciative readers) have fun discovering how some very cool creations were invented there. If only every school field trip was like this!

In this sequel, Ethan and Emma follow the sound of firecrackers to Chinatown. Dao appears to magically guides them back in time to discover how gunpowder was invented! Then they zip back to the present to see how fireworks have enlivened celebrations around the world.

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More praise for Fireworks and Gunpowder

Ethan “Entertaining and educational, this story blends science, history, and folktales in a fun and exciting children’s story. It splendidly celebrates these impactful subjects in a colorful and comprehensive style. The Asian Hall of Fame characters’ friendship and cheerful traits will captivate children and teachers as well.”
— Leticia Sanchez, Head of Cultural Experience, Dr. Sun Yat-sen Classical Chinese Garden, Vancouver, Canada

"What a beautifully illustrated and informative book. It also brought back fond memories for me of when I was a child with a chemistry set."
-Dr. Robert Langer, world-renowned engineer and award-winning Institute Professor at MIT

"Readers will be enlightened by the dazzling explanation of one of China’s four great inventions. This is a treat for lovers of adventure and learning."
— Calvin Leung, CIS De Avila Elementary School, SFUSD

Thanks to our Kickstarter backers, including our "2 star and above" supporters:
Angela Ma, Bob Besso.

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Emma "Gunpowder: one of The 20 Greatest Breakthroughs Since the Wheel."
The Atlantic

"Top 10 Ancient Chinese Inventions."
- HowStuffWorks

"Experimenting with life-lengthening elixirs around A.D. 850, Chinese alchemists instead discovered gunpowder. Their explosive invention would become the basis for almost every weapon used in war from that point on, from fiery arrows to rifles, cannons and grenades."
- Live Science

"Printing, paper money, porcelain, tea, restaurants, gunpowder, the compass—the number of things that Chinese of the Song Dynasty (A.D. 960-1280) gave to the world is mind-boggling."

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Lexile Level: 760L
Lexile Code: AD "adult directed"
Fountas & Pinnel (F&P GRL): T
GLE (Grade Level): 5
Interest Level: 3-7
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