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December 2011 - Immedium

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A. Sora and the Cloud
We are happy to announce 2 new books this month!

Sora and the Cloud
- By Felicia Hoshino
- www.felishino.com

Take a ride into the blissful skies, where a child's imagination runs free. This love letter (from a mother to her son) spans both time and culture. Cherish the beautiful artwork and heartfelt adventure with your own family.

Come to the launch party in San Francisco's Japantown on Sunday, 12/10 at 2:30 pm (www.jcccnc.org). Enjoy snacks and a great story!

Felicia will read at more schools and cultural festivals throughout the Bay Area.

Character preview: the Cloud
This is the only way to fly! The boy Sora hops on this floating cotton ball, and makes a pal for life.

B. The Year of the Dragon
Also available is the 7th adventure in our series Tales from the Chinese Zodiac.

The Year of the Dragon
- Tales from the Chinese Zodiac
- By Oliver Chin and illustrated by Jennifer Wood

Fresh off the boat (ha ha - read the book and you'll understand the joke), Dominic the dragon joins the company of fun characters whom kids adore: Daniel the dog, Patty the pig. Ralph the rat, Olivia, the ox, Teddy the tiger, and Rosie the rabbit.

Whew! Dom is lining up many New Year events and looks forward to meeting you!

Character preview: Bo
This guy befriends all 12 animals and becomes Dom's best buddy. But will his desire to race boats get them all in hot water? Find out!

The first 5 people to pre-order The Year of the Dragon get a free 8x10 photo collage!

C. More e-books available!
We're also pleased to offer stories on Apple's iBookstore!

Take a swipe (sale priced at $1.99) at the digital versions of

- Timmy and Tammy's Train of Thought
- Sid the Squid: and the Search for the Perfect Job
- The Year of the Rabbit: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac

These versions are displayed in Apple's "fixed-layout" format, which is ideal for children's picture books. These also feature a "film strip" table of contents at the bottom of the screen, where you can touch the page you want to skip to.

The high resolution illustrations look great on the iPad, and we have more titles in the pipeline.

- -

Another wave of books are coming this month on iVerse's popular Comics+ reader (http://comicspl.us).
- The Woollyhoodwinks
- The Adventures of WonderBaby
- Julie Black Belt and more

Download the free Apple iTunes app (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/comics/id323397665) to read them on iOS devices. Search by "Publisher" under "Immedium".

- -

Plus, get ready for our first interactive Apple app:

Billie the Unicorn!
- www.billietheunicorn.com
- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mobad-Media/166018081737

Produced with Mobad Media, the quest of Billie and her cousins Rhubarb and Smudge enliven your iPad like never before. Featuring narration, word by word reading, interactive animation, movable drawings with sound effects, and hidden surprises, this is truly a book come to life!

It will launch on iTunes imminently, so watch out!


The Octonauts & the Sea of Shade
978-1-59702-010-7, $15.95

"One of the things that attracts me to picture books is the artwork. These days illustrators are so creative, coming up with so many different ways to create illustrations that are unique and interesting, beautiful and amusing. Meomi creates wonderful illustrations that are kooky and full of details, which is one of the reasons why I like their books so much. I also think their characters are charming, and the adventures that they have are delightfully odd…

In this delightful Octonauts title, children are once again able to take a unique journey with Meomi's intrepid animal characters who take readers to strange, often beautiful, and sometimes frightening places. With incredibly detailed illustrations full of bizarre and wonderful characters, this book is sure to appeal to a wide variety of readers."
- Through the Looking Glass Book Review


Sora and the Cloud
978-1-59702-027-5, $15.95

"A cloud carries a delighted lad over a city and an amusement park, past kites and fireworks, then on to dreams.

A fearless climber since toddlerdom, young Sora (Japanese for "Sky") takes on a tree one day and finds a smiling, pink-cheeked cloud in the branches. Clambering aboard, he floats over streets and other sights before drifting off to sleep-dreaming of puddles as the cloud floats through a rain shower and of digging in sand after a seagull's cry-and then gently coming back to Earth. Adding Japanese decorations to kites and other details, plus occasional touches of subtle humor (when Sora looks down at a busy playground his "Look! Ants!" is not a figure of speech), Hoshino illustrates this idyll with delicately colored paper-collage and paint scenes featuring semitransparent figures in harmonious compositions. Likewise, her poetic narrative ("From way, waaay, waaaay up in the sky, / fireworks whisper like the soft pitter-pattering of your heart") is not only paralleled by a Japanese translation but extended by Japanese exclamations in the pictures and explanatory notes at the end.

An airy flight of imagination, bi-cultural as well as bilingual."
- Kirkus Reviews



  • 12/1: Attaboy: You Might be a Monster: Books, Inc., Alameda, CA.
  • 12/4: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Golden Gate Conservancy: Crissy Field Warming Hut Bookstore/Cafe, San Francisco, CA, (415) 561-3040, 1 pm.
  • 12/7: Oliver Chin: Teen comic book workshop: Portola Valley Public Library, 765 Portola Road, Portola Valley, CA 94028, 4 pm
  • 12/9: Felicia Hoshino: Sora & the Cloud: Performing Arts Night, Rosa Parks Elementary School, San Francisco, CA, 5 pm.
  • 12/10: Felicia Hoshino: Japanese Cultural & Community Center - Northern California, San Francisco, CA
  • 12/11: Felicia Hoshino & Oliver Chin: American International Montessori School: Book Fair, 3339 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Berkeley, CA 94703, 2 pm.
  • 12/15/11: Felicia Hoshino: Sora & the Cloud: Performing Arts Night, Clarendon Elementary School, San Francisco, CA, 5 pm.
  • 12/17-18/11: Felicia Hoshino: Sora & the Cloud: Renegade Craft Fair, Concourse, San Francisco, CA.

  • JANUARY 2012

  • 1/7: Felicia Hoshino & Oliver Chin: Oshogatsu Matsuri - New Year Celebration: JCCCNC, 1840 Sutter Street, Suite 201, San Francisco, CA
  • 1/9: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Concord Library: 2900 Salvio Street, Concord CA 94519, 7 pm.
  • 1/10: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Half Moon Bay Public Library: Half Moon Bay, California, 7 pm.
  • 1/12: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Moraga Public Library: Moraga, California, 4 pm.
  • 1/17: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Hercules Public Library : Hercules, California, 6 pm.
  • 1/18: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Chinese American International School: San Francisco, California, 9 am
  • 1/19: Oliver Chin: YODragon: San Francisco Public Library - Ocean View, 345 Randolph St, CA, 3 pm
  • 1/21: Oliver Chin: YODragon: San Francisco Botanical Garden, Lunar New Year Flower Market, CA, 10 am
  • 1/23: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Yew Chung International School, Mountain View, CA, 8:30 am
  • 1/24: Oliver Chin: YODragon: San Jose Public Library - Cambrian, 1780 Hillsdale Ave, San José, CA 95124 , 4 pm
  • 1/27-28: Jennifer Wood: YODragon: Asian Pacific Lunar New Year Festival : Riverside, California.
  • 1/29: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Oakland Museum : 1000 Oak Street, Oakland, California, 1 pm
  • 1/31: Oliver Chin: Author Presentation - Library Materials Fair, Santa Clara County Office of Education, CA, 9 am, 1:15 pm.

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    Thank you for your support this year - we'll have more exciting news in 2012!

    May you write another enjoyable chapter in your lives this holiday season.

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