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Come hare!
Rosie is a rabbit who wants to see the world. But will her long ears always get in her way?
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This is a funny bunny!

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The Year of the Rabbit
Tales from the Chinese Zodiac

Written by Oliver Chin
Illustrated by Justin Roth

$15.95, hardcover, 36 Pages,
ISBN: 978-1-59702-159-3, 9.5 x 10

"a storybook ideal for launching the lunar year"
- Books, Inc., San Francisco, CA.

2023 is the Year of the Rabbit! Rosie is the new hare on the block but has an ear for adventure. Soon she encounters the boy Jai and his grandma Popo who tend a nearby garden. The bunny and her neighbors have a lot to learn from each other.

But can Rosie prove she is good luck and help her new friend Jai? See all twelve animals of the new year and find out who is the real ace in the hole!

The Year of the Rabbit is the sixth in the annual series Tales of the Chinese Zodiac.

This revised edition features a new bilingual translation in simplified Chinese.

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More praise for Year of the Rabbit

Popo "[Chin] playfully uses a mix of rabbit-sayings (that parents will certainly giggle over) and raucous storytelling in the sixth volume of his Tales from the Chinese Zodiac series. Justin Roth returns with his tongue-in-cheek illustrations that give Rosie her pride...I’m lucky enough to have a Rabbit living at home...too clever by far sometimes, but thank goodness he’s nimble and resourceful, too, because like Rosie, he enjoys those run-for-your-life adventures way too much!"
- Smithsonian Book Blog

"Perfect timing with the Lunar New Year."
- Asian Art Museum, San Francisco

"Thanks so much for letting me see your work - it's really fantastic."
- Samantha Brody, associate editor of Scholastic's Parent & Child magazine


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mama rabbit "Another adventurous tale from Oliver Chin, The Year of the Rabbit will be sure to keep children on the edge of their seats as they wait to discover how two friends help each other in need. Chin's descriptive storytelling will keep children enthralled and looking forward to his next zodiac book!"
- Shirley Ly, Los Angeles Public Library

"The explanation of the Chinese Zodiac animals on the opening page helps to set the playful and informative tone of the story. Oliver Chin effortlessly weaves the animals of the Chinese Zodiac throughout and creates lovable characters and situations that the students can identify with."
-Julie Griffin, Ohlone Elementary School Librarian, Palo Alto, CA

"This book provides an excellent introduction to the ancient Chinese tradition of each year being named after an animal and those born in that year having the qualities of that animal."
- Nancy Keane's Booktalks

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Year of the Rabbit

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