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Justin Roth

Justin Roth is a New York based illustrator, animator and designer. He was born and raised in Long Island, New York, where he grew up watching classic Disney and Warner Bros animated movies which created his love and passion for the art form.

From this he was inspired to pursue a career in animation and illustration. A graduate of the prestigious School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, Justin has worked on animated TV series such as Kappa Mikey and the new Speed Racer for Nickelodeon studios, Nate the Great for PBS, Katbot for Disney Television, and Supernormal for Granada TV in Britain. Recently he did the animation and layouts for Rocket Monkeys for 4 Kids Entertainment.

He continues to work various commercial projects as an animator, designer and layout artist. Currently he is doing previsualization for the advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi in New York.


"Justin is a very gifted artist who's classic style fills each page with fun and excitement. His old fashioned storytelling is an inspiration to many people."
-Rick Lacy, illustrator, Labor Days by Oni Press

"Justin is an exceptional draftsman and illustrator. The quality he puts into his work is second to none!"
- Patrick Tuorto, former Walt Disney Feature Animator

"Justin Roth is a talent. His drawings are full of life, and demonstrate all that is wonderful about traditional drawing and design. I am sure that this book will inspire and be cherished by art lovers and children alike."
-Martin Wittig, Designer and Illustrator


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