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Follow your heart and your hooves will follow.
What is over the next rainbow? Trading the farm for the forest, Billie seeks her bliss.
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Billie the Unicorn

By Brianne Drouhard

$15.95, hardcover, 36 Pages,
ISBN: 978-159702-024-4, 8.5 x 10.5

"Brianne is an amazing talent. A mixture of influences combined into something new and wholly original!"
- Glen Murakami, Cartoon Network's Superman, Batman, and Justice League

The young unicorn Billie seeks adventure, so her forest cousins show her how to grow delightful flowers. But the legend of a castle which holds the most beautiful garden lures her away! Will Billie discover that friendship matters the most?

Colorful marker illustrations of expressive characters, upbeat storytelling, and a positive message of seeking your bliss will charm kids who enjoy animation and adults who appreciate great character design.

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Billie the Unicorn makes quite a statement! On the front Billie frolics with a friendly bumblebee. On the back, stands Billie's iconic blue cornflower!
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More praise for Billie the Unicorn

Billie the Unicorn "It's not often that something makes you go 'aaaaawww,' 'cooooool,' and 'ha ha ha ha ha' all at the same time. The world seriously needs more of the cute/awesome/funny work of Brianne Drouhard!"
- Lauren Faust, "Creative Steward", Executive Producer on the new My Little Pony animated series.

"Brianne's world of super-cute characters and beyond beautiful landscapes sends me on a visual sugar high with every page I turn...."
- Sam Register, EVP Warner Bros Animation

"More stunning work from Brianne Drouhard, aka The Best Kept Secret in Animation."
- Chris Battle, character designer, The Powerpuff Girls

Brianne draws the cover!


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Rhubarb Unicorn "If you like pretty twinkly magic, unthinkable depths of lavish colors, organic farming, and horses with horns, boy are you in for a treat! The brilliantly talented marker wielding creator of this universe, Brianne Drouhard, has wrought forth a world of such intense charm and adorableness, that even the coldest hearted football jock will not be able to resist the call to be immersed in this lush and wondrous world."
- Derrick J. Wyatt,
art director, Transformers: Animated TV series

Girly Poo: ITunes App review:
"I have long been a fan of Brianne's work. To discover that it is now available in this format is really great! Her work is like taking a jaunt into worlds both wild and whimsical. Every image found herein is truly an escape to fun and interesting places. I can't reccomend this app highly enough. As for me, I can't wait for the next app she puts forth!!!"

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