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A. Happy Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month!
People celebrate many occasions in May. In addition to Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day, May is a "National Month" for Eggs, Hamburger, Salad, Salsa, and Strawberries. But take time out between mouthfuls to celebrate Asian America, as decreed by presidents on both sides of the aisle (Jimmy Carter in 1978 and George H.W. Bush in 1990).

Immedium is glad to share Asian American themes with readers of all backgrounds. Therefore, we'll read The Year of the Tiger, the fifth adventure in our annual Tales from the Chinese Zodiac series, and Julie Black Belt (www.julieblackbelt.com) for a family story time at the Portola Valley Library (California) on May 20th at 4:30 pm.

School Library Journal said of The Year of the Tiger: "Children will enjoy the bright-eyed characters and cartoon illustrations in this romp….the point gets made that friendships come in all different species."

We plan to publish more stories about other cultural traditions in the future. In the meantime, celebrate our nation's diversity and how people unite to contribute to our society.

B. Immedium: Fall Preview #1
We have cool new books coming this fall. On deck is the first story from DGPH (www.dgph.com.ar). This Buenos Aires design team is known for their whimsical vinyl toys based upon their character Topo (Spanish for "mole"). Now they feature their hero in an eye-popping "galaxy quest":

Space Cadet Topo: The Day the Sun Turned Off

What would you do if the sun turned off? Space Cadet Topo has work to do! His mission is to find the mythic Galactic Torch and relight the sun before the universe freezes forever. Can he beat the clock? Find out and have fun traveling with Topo and his robot pals!

The star of the show is otherwise known as Space Cadet 3x-245. His duties are to monitor the galaxy, help ETs (extra terrestrials), and clean up debris. "Someday, I'll become Space Commander!" vows Topo.

Available in August 2010, pre-order your autographed copy today!

C. Immedium: Fall Preview #2
Next up is the first children's book from David Derrick, a DreamWorks artist who contributed to the recent films How to Train Your Dragon, Bee Movie, and Flushed Away. He's created a whale of a tale that is perfectly in tune with kids' ideas of the working world (and today's job climate):

Sid the Squid: and the Search for the Perfect Job

How do you find your dream job? Sid is a giant squid who wants to keep his 10 arms gainfully employed, and will continue his job search on land if need be. Luckily he meets the girl Alice who helps him on his journey. Follow them as Sid tries occupations that any kid would consider. But which will be the best for him?

The giant squid is a rarely seen creature who lives in the deep sea. However Sid sees very well, since his kind has the largest eyes in the world (the size of dinner plates). Sid soaks in the glories of the human world as he tries a rainbow of amazing jobs!

Available in September 2010, pre-order your autographed copy today!


The Octonauts
(four books in the series, $15.95)

"The first thing that stood out for me was the beautiful illustrations. I loved the combination of colours and the undersea world that was being created. It seemed so realistic and possible that these characters could actually exist. I found myself wanting to be friends with them...I found the writing to be intelligent and rhythmical, the funny names rolled right off the tongue. Each story contains good life lessons for children. I would say for adults it serves as a good reminder for some basic lessons we may have forgotten along the way…What a great collection to give to a child as a gift to get them and keep them interested in reading. The series is a must have for any children's book collection. In a world where we are so electronic based, it's wonderful to see such interesting, creative stories being written for children with stunning illustrations. For my next friend that has a baby, guess what you're getting as a gift!"
- Not a Shopaholic

The Woollyhoodwinks
(1-59702-012-5, $15.95)

"I cannot remember the last time I fell so hard for a work of children's literature! Seriously. First of all, the Woolyhoodwinks are a set of handmade characters that live in the Black North Forest. For families who are fans of simple, rustic, charming creatures for play, this cast of characters will bring you much delight! As much as I adore the non-commerical, against-the-mainstream aspect of the characters of the book, as well as the minimalist approach to illustrations, what I really love is the text. It is full of poetic prose that just sings off of the page."
- Sorta Crunchy



- 5/20: Oliver Chin: Storytime: Portola Valley Library, 765 Portola Road, CA (650) 851-0560, 4:30 pm.
- 5/22: Jose Ortega Elementary School - Spring Festival, San Francisco, CA
- 5/23: Miraloma Park - Author Day, San Francisco, CA


- 6/19: Oliver Chin: Baltazar & the Flying Pirates: Newark Public Library, 6300 Civic Terrace Ave., Newark, CA 94560, 510-795-2627, 1 pm.
- 6/22: Oliver Chin: Baltazar: Half Moon Bay Public Library, 620 Correas Street, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019, (650) 726-2316, 7 pm.
- 6/26: Oliver Chin: Octonauts: Castro Valley Public Library, 3600 Norbridge Avenue, Castro Valley, CA 94546, 510-667-7900, 2 pm.


Don't forget Brother's Day (May 24th) and Hug Your Cat Day (May 30th).

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Immedium, Inc. inspires a world of imagination, and creates entertaining books that have multi-dimensional appeal. Based in San Francisco, CA, Immedium sits on the Pacific Rim, a vibrant intersection for crossover cultural trends from Asia and America. Embracing an increasingly diverse and "multimedia" world, Immedium publishes titles ranging from eye-catching children's books and contemporary non-fiction to commentaries on art and popular culture. Visit us at www.immedium.com.
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