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A. Patty is Pretty in Pink
"A hot-pink porker named Patricia roams pastures and a big red barn with her curly-tailed parents and Farmer Wu in The Year of the Pig... Its timely release marks the start of what Chinese astrology calls ... well, a Year of the Pig."
- East Bay Express, 1/24/07

With that apt summary, it's time to bang the gong and ring in our newest book!

Patty the piglet is getting well-deserved birthday presents of praise. Sfist called it "the perfect gift to any new parents you encounter this year" in their profile on author Oliver Chin.

In astrological alignment, The Boutique Café wrote: "I love it when my children are able to learn about the beliefs and traditions of different cultures, and books from the Tales from the Chinese Zodiac series are a great way for them to do so. I highly recommend starting your own collection."

Then on 2/2/07 the Oakland Tribune interviewed Oliver who said, "It's really become a nationwide celebration, and as I continue to do each new book, I'm finding more and more that different groups are celebrating Chinese New Year."

All are invited to our official launch party this Thursday (2/8, 7 pm) at Books, Inc. in Laurel Village in San Francisco. We are proud to help celebrate 2/18th with many festivals nationwide. Illustrator Jeremiah Alcorn will read in Chicago, IL and Alabama, while the author travels throughout California.

B. The Octonauts take Los Angeles
Fans: it's time to alert your friends in the City of Angels to mark their calendars and prepare for some Octonauts sightings this month.

Come see Meomi read & sign books!
- on 2/24 at 2pm, come to the best Japanese bookstore this side of the Pacific, Kinokuniya in Little Tokyo, located in downtown Los Angeles.
- on 3/1 at 11 am, pull up a bean bag at the children's bookstore Storyopolis located in Studio City/North Hollywood.

True believers are encouraged to forward the Kinokuniya event flyer to like-minded associates everywhere!

C. Immedium inspires Libraries
In the heart of Silicon Valley, The Sunnyvale Sun newspaper recently reported on Immedium's regular workshops in local public libraries. In its January 31, 2007 issue, reporter Erin Hussey covered how Immedium's Oliver Chin "travels throughout the Bay Area encouraging teens to tap into their creative wavelengths." This evening in Sunnyvale he was helping educate "the next generation of comic book writers and illustrators." Sunnyvale librarian Jo Ann Rees spoke about the benefits to motivating teens to create their own stories:

"There is just something about comics that appeals to most young people," she says. Rees added that a number of teens come into the library to read comics. "They are fun, they are exciting, they are better than television because they are reading."

We encourage schools and librarians to contact us if they are interested in an author or artist visit. Our creators can speak on a many topics for all ages, ranging from reading children's storytimes to presenting the themes in their books. We are happy to oblige wherever and whenever possible and are always excited to "inspire a world of imagination" in today's youth!

The Octonauts
(ISBN: 1-59702-005-2, $15.95)

"The Octonauts & the Only Lonely Monster is the debut picture book story about the Octonauts, eight talented animals who seek undersea adventure, roaming the ocean from their "Octopod" base. The stunning, stylized color illustrations emphasizing simplicity, curves, and a "big head/small eye" anthropomorphic look gives Octonauts a unique appearance, while the story tells of their encounter with a lonely sea monster leading to an important lesson about the values of friendship and individuality. A wonderfully imaginative and enchanting tale."
- Midwest Book Review


Year of the Pig: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac
(ISBN: 1-59702-007-9, $15.95)

"Your books are adorable and the kids love them."
- Peggy Scott, President, Families with Children from China - Northern California chapter

"These books are a great gift idea for friends and family"
- National Association of Asian American Professionals, Boston Chapter


- 2/3: Oliver Chin: YOP: de Young Museum, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA, 10 am & 1:30 pm.
- 2/8: Oliver Chin: YOP: Launch Party - Books, Inc. - Laurel Village, San Francisco, CA, 7 pm.
- 2/10: Oliver Chin: YOP: Books Inc., 1344 Park Street, Alameda, CA, 510-522-2226, 11 am.
- 2/10: Oliver Chin: YOP: Crissy Field Center, San Francisco, CA, (415) 561-3040, 2 pm.
- 2/11: Oliver Chin: YOP: Borders - Stonestown Galleria, 233 Winston Dr, San Francisco, CA, 1 pm.
- 2/12: Oliver Chin: YOP: Miraloma Avenue Elementary School, San Francisco, CA, 10 am.
- 2/12: Oliver Chin: YOP: Pinole Library: 2935 Pinole Valley Road, CA, (510) 758-2741, 4 pm.
- 2/13: Oliver Chin: YOP: Chinese American International School, San Francisco, CA, 10 am.
- 2/13: Oliver Chin: YOP: El Sobrante Public Library, 4191 Appian Way, (510) 374-3991, 3:30 pm.
- 2/14: Oliver Chin: YOP: Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera, CA, 10 am.
- 2/17: Jeremiah Alcorn: YOP: Sunny Ridge Family Center, College of Du Page, Glen Ellyn, IL, noon.
- 2/17: Oliver Chin: YOP: Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 1 pm.
- 2/17: Oliver Chin: YOP: Books Inc., 301 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA, (650)428-1234, 4 pm.
- 2/18: Jeremiah Alcorn: YOP: Magic Tree Bookstore, 41 N. Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, IL, 1 pm.
- 2/18: Oliver Chin: YOP: California Academy of Sciences : 875 Howard St, San Francisco, CA, 11:30 am.
- 2/18: Oliver Chin: YOP: Oakland Museum : 1000 Oak Street, Oakland, California, 510-238-2200, 2 pm.
- 2/19: Oliver Chin: YOP: Bay Area Discovery Museum: 557 McReynolds Road, Sausalito, CA.
- 2/20: Oliver Chin: YOP: Miraloma Avenue Elementary School, San Francisco, CA, 10:30 am.
- 2/21: Oliver Chin: YOP: Antioch Public Library, 501 W. 18th St., CA, (925) 757-9224, 3 pm.
- 2/22: Oliver Chin: Manga & Anime: Frequent Thinkers Cafe, Thurgood Marshall High School, 45 Conkling St, San Francisco, CA, 4:30 pm.
- 2/22: Jeremiah Alcorn: YOP: Homewood Public Library, Homewood, AL, 6 pm.
- 2/24: Oliver Chin: YOP: The Huntington Library: 1151 Oxford Road, San Marino, CA, 11:30 am.
- 2/24: Meomi: Octonauts + Oliver Chin (YOP): Kinokuniya: 123 Astronaut E. Onizuka St., LA, 2 pm.
- 2/24: Oliver Chin: YOP: FCC - Southern California, Empress Pavillion, Los Angeles, CA, 6:30 pm.
- 2/26: Oliver Chin: YOP: Pasadena Public Library: Santa Catalina, 999 East Washington Blvd, 11:15 am.
- 2/27: Oliver Chin: YOP: Burbank Public Library: Buena Vista, 300 North Buena Vista St., 10 & 11 am.
- 2/27: Oliver Chin: YOP: Pasadena Public Library: San Rafael Branch, 1240 Nithsdale Road, 1:30 pm.
- 2/27: Oliver Chin: YOP: Torrance Public Library: 4805 Emerald, Torrance, CA, 310-371-2075, 7 pm.
- 2/28: Oliver Chin: YOP: Vroman's Bookstore: 695 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA, 11 am.
- 2/28: Oliver Chin: YOP: Turning Point School: 8780 National Blvd, Culver City, CA, 1:30 pm.


- 3/1: Meomi: Octonauts + Oliver Chin (YOP): Storyopolis, 12348 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA, 11 am.
- 3/1: Oliver Chin: YOP: Arcadia Public Library: 20 West Duarte Road, (626) 821-5567, 4 pm.
- 3/1: Oliver Chin: YOP: Barnes & Noble: 245 N. Glendale Avenue, Glendale, CA, 818.246.4677, 7 pm.
- 3/2: Oliver Chin: YOP: Kidspace Children's Museum: 480 N. Arroyo Blvd, Pasadena, 11:30 am.
- 3/3: Oliver Chin: YOP: Borders Books: 400 S. Baldwin Ave., Arcadia, CA 91007, 626-445-1320, 10 am.
- 3/3: Oliver Chin: YOP: Chinese American Museum, 125 Paseo de la Plaza, Suite 400, LA, 2 pm.
- 3/4: Oliver Chin: YOP: Bowers Museum - Kidseum, 11 am.
- 3/4: Oliver Chin: YOP: Borders Books: 429 South Associated Rd., Brea, CA (714) 672-0120, 3 pm.
- 3/9: Oliver Chin: YOP: Francis Scott Key Elementary School, San Francisco, CA.
- 3/10: Oliver Chin: YOP: Author Reading, Pleasant Hill, CA
- 3/11: Oliver Chin: YOP: Foster City Public Library 1000 E. Hillsdale Blvd., 2 pm.
- 3/14: Oliver Chin: Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory, English Department, San Francisco, CA, 9:45 am.
- 3/31: Oliver Chin: YOP: Chinese Culture Center, 750 Kearny Street, 3rd Fl, San Francisco, 11:30


Gung Hay Fat Choy to all you girls and boys!

P.O. Box 31846
San Francisco, CA 94131

Immedium, Inc. inspires a world of imagination, and creates entertaining books that have multi-dimensional appeal. Based in San Francisco, CA, Immedium sits on the Pacific Rim, a vibrant intersection for crossover cultural trends from Asia and America. Embracing an increasingly diverse and "multimedia" world, Immedium publishes titles ranging from eye-catching children's books and contemporary non-fiction to commentaries on art and popular culture. Visit us at www.immedium.com.

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