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May 2012 - Immedium

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A. Boffo autograph promotion!
"Thanks" to all of you who participated in April's special offer for "hand-doodle-drawn" copies of The Octonauts, Year of the Dragon, and Billie the Unicorn.

This was our most successful web promo ever!

We happily communicated with readers across the USA and from Australia, Canada, England, Finland, and France.

We'll send our 2nd big batch of Octonauts orders in the coming weeks, and appreciate your enthusiasm and patience.

B. May is Asian Pacific American Heritage month
It's that time of year to celebrate Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States. Learn more at asianpacificheritage.gov.

To commemorate this occasion, Oliver Chin will present:

The Year of the Dragon
(7th in the Tales from the Chinese Zodiac)

at the San Carlos Public Library (California) on Saturday, May 5th at their 11 am storytime. He is also the author of Julie Black Belt.

Also, check out our first Japanese-American themed story: Sora and the Cloud.

"I wanted to review for you today the new book that I fell in love with this week. Sora and the Cloud by Felicia Hoshino. I think I was draw to this because I have boys, but also the illustrations drew me in immediately. It is a lovely look at children's imaginations, and perspective- from above, where snails and ants are in the streets and squirrels fly airplanes! We loved the little details in the drawings and the gentleness of the cloud. Especially when we found the mama eating rice balls at the end, one of our favorite treats! We also enjoyed the bilingual nature of this book, though we did not know the Japanese characters it was lovely to see them on the page."
- Mama Roots

C. Fall Preview: The Treehouse Heroes
Coming this October is a fresh adventure that blends the action of the West with the spirit of the East.

Five teen titans each have special powers. Together they have one goal: to protect those who need their help!

In their debut story, The Treehouse Heroes must save the mystical creature known as the Zez from the clutches of the power-hungry General Moon.

Written by comics pro Phil Amara and illustrated by the marvelous animator Alina Chau, this tale of a brand new world will enchant fans of graphic novels and fantasy.

Here is a sneak peek at early concept art.


You Might be a Monster: and Other Stories I Made Up
by Attaboy, ISBN: 978-1-59702-025-1

"a delightfully monstrous 'all ages' reader. Follow the narrator worm through tales of sock magnets, cacti, sheep, clown zombies and monsters. It's clever, silly, weird craziness with imaginative big-eyed and big-mouthed drawings, subtle and not-so-subtle jokes and breezy banter. The images are both bright and dark, characters are gross yet endearing. Much of the verse rhymes, which makes it fun to read aloud. An oddball sense of humor finds its way to every page…Attaboy, Attaboy!" - Alameda Magazine


Billie the Unicorn
- by Brianne Drouhard, ISBN: 978-1-59702-024-4

"Drouhard is an accomplished animator, with credits including Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and the "Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld" short for the DC Nation block. That sense of fluid motion is on full display in this story of a young unicorn seeking adventure."
- Comics Worth Reading



  • 5/4: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Read Aloud/Career Day, CIS DeAvila Elementary School, San Francisco, CA, 10 am
  • 5/5: Oliver Chin: YODragon: San Carlos Public Library: San Carlos, California, 11 am.
  • 5/17: Oliver Chin: YODragon: St. Anne's School, San Francisco, CA, am


  • 6/2/12: Oliver Chin: Comic Book Workshop: San Jose Public Library, MLK Branch, 150 E. San Fernando St., San José, CA, 95112,(408) 808-2000, 3 pm.
  • 6/12/12: Oliver Chin: Comic Book Workshop: San Jose Public Library, Edenvale Branch, 101 Branham Lane East, San José, CA, 95111, (408) 808-3036, 6 pm.
  • 6/20/12: Oliver Chin: Comic Book Workshop: San Jose Public Library, Alviso Branch, 5050 North First St., San José, CA, 95002,(408) 263-3626, pm.
  • 6/21/12: Oliver Chin: Comic Book Workshop: San Jose Public Library, Evergreen Branch, 2635 Aborn Rd., San José, CA, 95121,(408) 808-3060, 3 pm.
  • 6/27/12: Oliver Chin: Comic Book Workshop: San Jose Public Library, Tully Community Branch, 880 Tully Rd., San José, CA, 95111, (408) 808-3030, 4 pm.
  • 6/28/12: Oliver Chin: Comic Book Workshop: San Jose Public Library, Hillview Branch, 1600 Hopkins Dr., San José, CA, 95122,(408) 808-3033, 3 pm.
  • 6/29/12: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Hip Wah Summer Program, California, am.

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    May you have a happy APAH month!

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