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It's time to call their bluff.
Is your kid acting montrously? Are you at wits' end? This witty and wacky tale will scare them straight!
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Paging Miss Manners!

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You Might Be a Monster
and Other Stories I Made Up

By Attaboy

$15.95, hardcover, 36 Pages,
ISBN: 978-1-59702-025-1, 8.5 x 10.5

"This is a bizarre alternate world inhabited by creatures that look like they've been in the sun too long and gone bad. A contradictory land where everything comes with sharp pointy teeth but then tries to work a way into your heart with their deceptive charms"
- Clutter Magazine

Gustav the kid makes the mother of all messes in his room but has found the ultimate excuse to avoid getting into trouble: he claims he's become a monster! But his parents call in an expert to determine if their son has really transformed...and Gustav learns a lesson he'll never forget!

Drawn in the artist's unique style, this collection is chock full of even more short stories, full of hidden jokes and hilarious wordplay in the tradition of Shel Silverstein, Dr.Seuss, and Roald Dahl.

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More praise for You Might be a Monster

Qwezshun "incredibly-inspired and beautiful illustrations."

"Ideas like these have made Attaboy something of a rock star not only at toy stores but also in the world of contemporary art and design."
- New Times Weekly

"an illustrator genius of hallucinatory cartoon-character vision and a renegade toy designer in his own right."
-Play Times Magazine

"Look! Up on the stage! It's a word! It's a 'toon! It's a toy! It's ATTABOY!! The spastic-fantastic, origina-gasmic! Thatta boy Attaboy, the world's first and foremost Word Ninja, has wooed, wow-ed, amused and amazed audiences all over the Area of the Bay since he materialized in these area codes"
- Laughing Squid

Attaboy's Too Many Robots
- premiered on the Disney Channel


Axtrx "[Attaboy] blurs the line between toys and art"
- FIT Network magazine

"Attaboy has emerged as a one of the many leading talents in a toy and design movement that might be called "Creaturism" (although, as you will see below, he favors the term Shmoopy Haus.)"
- Figures.com

"Attaboy's marketing strategy is not to cultivate an image of himself as a capital-D Designer nor to affect a ponderous unifying philosophy, but rather, it seems, to just keep making fun stuff and getting people to play with it. In other words, to stay artsy but not especially fartsy."
- East Bay Express

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