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That Girl on TV Could Be Me!
The Journey of a Latina News Anchor

Written by Leticia Ordaz
Illustrated by Juan Calle

$16.95, hardcover, 36 Pages,
ISBN: 978-1-59702-151-7, 8.5 x 10.5

"All children need attention to the spark that ignites their ambition. Leticia's true life quest for excellence in TV News is charmingly told and illustrated and will be the example that shows you the way."
-Lois Hart and Dave Walker, first CNN TV anchors

San Francisco, California- November 1, 2020
- Immedium announces the publication of That Girl on TV Could Be Me! The Journey of a Latina News Anchor, written by Leticia Ordaz and illustrated by Juan Calle. This is the first English children's picture book on making a career in Broadcast News... and from a Latinx perspective. Alternately educational, funny, and poignant, this story features a bilingual translation in Spanish.

Growing up near Sacramento, CA, little Leticia dreams of being a TV newscaster. But no one on TV looks like her. This shy, small-town girl overcomes barriers, like her fear of public speaking, to become the first in her hardworking Mexican family to attend college.

Then, starting as an intern, she climbs the ladder, travels to different cities, and reports on a rainbow of stories. Eventually she lands her dream job: working at her hometown Channel 3. Join Leticia on her exciting journey to become that TV anchor who will inspire the next generation of children.

The Stockton Record called Ordaz "A Latina trailblazer" who told her high school counselor, "There's no holding me back." Now she shares her life story with the next generation. "Her path to [Channel 3], which she joined in 2003, was paved with hard work and risks, but she advised [students] that if they want to reach their goals they have to 'break barriers.' "

"If children see themselves reflected in TV and books, they will be more proud of their heritage and others will be more understanding of their culture," said Ordaz. "As Latinos, my family faced many challenges and sacrificed to provide me more opportunities. Hopefully sharing my experiences will help kids pursue their dreams too."

This autobiography is topical, as immigrants and women continue the struggle to claim their rightful place in America. The dynamic illustrations by Juan Calle go behind the scenes to show how breaking news is covered in a way no other storybook has done before. Join Leticia on her inspiring journey to achieve the American Dream.

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About the Authors

Leticia Ordaz Leticia Ordaz is an Emmy-nominated TV anchor at Channel 3 in Sacramento, CA. A journalist for more than 20 years for television stations in Nevada and California, she is married with two young sons. Her family lives in Sacramento, CA.

Liberum Juan Calle leads Liberum Donum, an illustration and animation studio based in Bogota, Colombia. They create visual media, including printed media, editorial, advertising, 2D and 3D animation for movies and TV, and visual development and concept art for video games. Visit www.liberumdonum.com.

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Reviews of That Girl on TV Could Be Me!

"That Girl on TV provides a witty first-person point of view on the not so glamorous world of TV news. Leticia has done a great work in a relatively short period of time both in her career and sharing in book form, some of her favorite moments in such an entertaining and inspiring way. Very happy to say I know That Girl on TV and I'm better for it. I believe readers/viewers will be too."
- Rob Mayeda, KNTV Meteorologist, reporter, storm chaser

"That Girl on TV leads by example. Leticia's life journey starts with simple steps, but it's her ambition, drive, and determination that takes her from a small town and small beginnings to a place in front of the camera, and eventually to the anchor desk. Leticia is a natural storyteller whether it's on TV or coming off the pages of a book."
- Rich Ibarra, Reporter, Capitol Public Radio, KCRA, KXTV, KOVR.