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Distinctive paintings full of color and energy.
A renowned comic book artist and colorist who has drawn the greatest superheroes of our time. Spiderman. Daredevil. Batman. Wolverine. Wonder Woman. Spawn. Now Joe Chiodo creates a new one for kids!
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Joe Chiodo

Born and raised in San Jose, California, Joe found art to be his passion at an early age. Now he is known for his unique style of lush color paintings and ability to find humor, innocence, and verve in the most dynamic of scenes.

Joe's uncanny eye and colorful flair bring to life the new children's alphabet book The Adventures of WonderBaby from A to Z.

The Midwest Book Review called WonderBaby "an A-Z compendium of wonders pairing colorful and whimsical illustrations by Joe Chiodo with the hilarious tale of an energetic infant. Parents will find this a far more stimulating board book presentation than your usual alphabet title."

In his distinguished career as a fan-favorite artist, he has worked for a diverse client base and has illustrated for books, calendars, toys, and video games. Joe has drawn for comics publishers such as DC, Image (Wildstorm), and Marvel, and has depicted a galaxy of superheroes such as Spiderman, the X-men's Wolverine, Daredevil and Black Widow, Batman and Spawn, and Gen-13. Plus he has an amazing talent for drawing the fairer sex.

In 1997 and 1998 he was nominated for the Favorite Colorist Award by the magazine Comics' Buyer's Guide. Since then he has continued to paint and create comics, covers, and how-to books.

Eventually settling in San Diego, Joe is married with two children, and teaches art classes at Watts Atelier of the arts in Encinitas Ca.


"[WonderBaby's] a really cute concept, a baby teaching the alphabet with some superhero elements thrown in."
- ComicCon's The PULSE

"[WonderBaby's] alphabet section is one of the best I have ever seen. Each page not only has a noun corresponding to the letter, but a verb as well. So instead of 'A is for Apple,' you have 'Acts like an Animal.' Masterful! And bonus? Each page of the book has a ladybug 'hidden' on it which my 2 year old discovered (before I did!) and loves to look for on each page. This book is engaging and educating. A real keeper."
- The Opinionated Parent

"WonderBaby features our caped crusader (i.e. infant) transforming into various creatures, each with a distinct 'talent' you'll quickly recognize... WonderBaby not only entertains but teaches. Each animal and its unique 'superpower' walk you through the alphabet from A to Z. I love it when learning is fun!"
- Boutique Cafe

"The book is beautifully illustrated. The colors are bright and vivid, and the pictures are simple and straight forward. Each illustration has a small ladybug somewhere, which will keep searching toddlers entertained. I think this book succeeds on many levels. While teach the alphabet, each letter can teach a new animal, as well as a new verb. And most importantly the text and illustrations are interesting enough that you won't go out of your mind the 8th time you read the book in a 30 minute span! So if you're looking for a great A-B-C book be sure to check out Adventures of Wonderbaby.
- SuperCoolBaby

"legendary talent...recognized for his stunning painting achievements for DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Wildstorm."
- Silverbulletcomicbooks.com


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