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Woollyhoodwinks are a collaborative project of friends Jeff Root (an artist and film projectionist) and Scott Runcorn (a web and print production artist), both of San Francisco. Jeff began designing and creating these woollen creatures at the end of 2003, and within two years it became apparent that the Woollyhoodwinks had bigger plans of their own.

The 'Hoodwinks began with the prototypical DIY passion. Every one was handmade by Jeff and a few helpers in his home. Each is still made by hand in the good old USA, and is completely unique and made with care. To this day every sandwich-sized 'Hoodwink comes packaged in his own 'tree' with special surprises!

One year after launching their own web site and animated theme song (written and performed by SF lo-fi musician Phil Dumesnil and animated by Scott), the Woollyhoodwinks were available in more than 100 designer boutiques and museum stores throughout North America.

Written by collaborators Phil and Asa Sanchez, the 'Hoodwinks first "book" adventure will introduce these playful characters to an ever wider and appreciative audience.

The Woollyhoodwinks vs. the Dark Patch
$15.95, hardcover, 36 Pages, ISBN: 1-59702-012-5, 8 x 11

"Have you seen a Woollyhoodwink before? If not, I suggest you meet the whole bunch."
- Goodnight Sweet Pea

"Squishy and Safe: These little creatures are made with a variety of wool fabrics and the colors can change depending on the batch of fabric. The construction of these toys is fantastic." - Family of Choice

Visit the official Woollyhoodwinks site!

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