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Australian Luke Feldman, aka "Skaffs", is an artist who creates for a multitude of platforms. Inspired by childhood experiences and a vivid imagination, his illustrations and animations are minimalist, with defined lines, detailed characters, and vividly vibrant colours that give his work depth and movement.

Known for his whimsical females; the large, intense, eyes and fluid bodies are strangely erotic; yet maintain a distant, unattainable feeling. In these pieces, the female form has been reduced to its most basic points, without the need for vulgarity, yet these creatures are not quite human, transporting us into a fantasy.

His alluring characters, "Skaffs", have appeared on stickers, toys, skateboards, sneakers, and art prints. His clients include Microsoft, Coca-Cola, and galleries worldwide. The publication of his book, Chaff n' Skaffs: Mai and the lost Moskivvy, will coincide with the release of the Misskaffs: Mai vinyl toy, produced by Wheaty Wheat Studios. Skaffs lives in San Francisco, CA.

His co-writer is Dr. Amanda Chin, a published veterinarian, specializing in pet education for children. She received her Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Melbourne in 1998. While serving on the Australian Veterinary Association board, she helped develop the People and Pets Program which educated primary school children on pet ownership.

"Luke Feldman is the illustrator and animator behind Skaffs, a collection of colourful designs where sexy chicks run rampant, or cute ones fly. Feldman’s characters are endearing as they go boldly through a landscape of feathery tufted trees, an assortment of roots, bugs and flowers, and flying aliens that are a cross between amoebas and jellyfish."
- ArtMoCo

"...a modern day renaissance man dabbling in everything from animation to toy design to music composition."
- Vinyl Requiem

"With illustrations composed of simple bold lines, vibrant colors give Feldman's compositions movement and surrealist backgrounds reiterate the element of fantasy."
- Cool Hunting

"...stunningly beautiful, unique and curvaceous ...palette of immense synergistic colors."
- Pop Thirteen

"...distinctively captivating, edgy and polished work..."
- Onion Magazine

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Lounging Outside
Mai Meditating
Mai Vinyl Toy
Flying High
Afternoon Swing