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" Yao is the next step up the evolutionary ladder of big men in a game in which our perception of what is possible is always being tested, in which they long ago stopped pushing the envelope and broke right through it. "
-The Houston Chronicle

The Tao of Yao: Press Release

Sports as a Source of Wisdom
The Tao of Yao
Insights from Basketball's Brightest Big Man
Written by Oliver Chin

Berkeley, California (October 1, 2003)- - Frog, Ltd, proudly announces the October 2003 publication of The Tao of Yao: Insights from Basketball's Brightest Big Man. Today, the media endlessly search for news to satisfy an increasingly sports-hungry public. As the first #1 NBA draft pick from a foreign country and one of the tallest players on the planet at 7'5", Yao Ming obliged them. His debut season with the Houston Rockets thrilled fans worldwide as they marveled at the "Yaoisms" produced by this Chinese twenty-two-year-old. Memorable in their own right, Yao's statements become even more insightful when placed in context with the comments of other esteemed athletes and philosophers from past and present.

Recognizing his immense responsibility as a cultural ambassador, Yao said, "I hope I am a good textbook. It seems to me I am here to do more than play basketball." Growing to be as popular as actors Jackie Chan and Jet Li, Yao's social impact elevates him far beyond these entertainers. Game by game, this shooting star inspired audiences everywhere as he has shattered stereotypes of all sorts. Challenging the West's views of him and "foreigners" in general, he was also redefining how Asians could view themselves as well as the image of the athlete in modern society.

Lao Tzu wrote, "Those who know others are wise; those who know themselves are enlightened." Against a rich backdrop of time-honored wisdom from the games of basketball and of life, we can better understand not only Yao and but also ourselves. Coming from a culture shaped by Taoism, Yao instinctively introduces its principles through his words and deeds to fans who find them unusual but fascinatingly honest. Viewing his character and his actions from this fresh perspective yields remarkable and eternal truths.

Praised by famed players and coaches (such as Shaquille O'Neal, Dirk Nowitzki, Hakeem Olajuwon, Michael Jordan, Bill Walton, Bill Russell, Rudy Tomjanovich, and Jeff Van Gundy), Yao taps into a wellspring of wisdom that yields insights far beyond his own experience. Though Yao may not have intended it, he has become an authentic teacher of Taoist values to an awe-struck yet accepting world. From East to West and back again, Yao has become a 21st century role model not only for basketball but also for life.

About the Author
Oliver Chin graduated from Harvard University with a magna cum laude senior thesis Just Do It: Sports Advertising and the American Dream. A mass media professional and columnist on entertainment and cultural trends, he recently wrote and illustrated the acclaimed graphic novel Nine of One: A Window to the World. Currently he resides with his wife and son in San Francisco, CA.

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$13.95, paperback, Sports/Philosophy, 240 pp., 5 1/2 x 9, ISBN: 1-58394-090-1
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