Bookbuilders West Award - 2009 Best Children's Book Cover

"Welcome to Monster Isle is a children's book I would have loved to read to my own kids...The kids will love these monsters, and adults reading this book to those kids will appreciate the homages, the lively plot, and the fun art...It'd be a terrific gift for any creature-loving kids in your life."

- Tony Isabella, Comics Buyer's Guide

"Filled with exuberantly colorful and cartoony illustrations... An enthusiastic, upbeat tale perfect for reading aloud to young monster lovers."

- Midwest Book Review

"It's never too soon to introduce children to cryptozoology, and that's why new kids' book Monster Isle is the perfect teaching tool...[Miracola's] big, stylized monsters are the perfect combination of fanged and funny."


"It's a charming introduction to crytozoology for very young children, with the polysyllabic words they seem to enjoy, and gorgeously illustrated. And it has positive messages aplenty: man and manimal can live in harmony; you create your own fears; and working cooperatively is rewarding. If, as an adult, you have to read the same story every single night till your sanity gives way, this will be more pleasant than 99% of the competition."

- Val Stevenson, Fortean Times


"Jeff's work has fascinated me since we first met while working on games like Dungeons & Dragons. His art and imagination were cutting-edge then, and what he brings to the children's book world is cutting-edge now."

- Tony DiTerlizzi, co-creator of The Spiderwick Chronicles

"If I were a zombie, Jeff Miracola's brain would top my list of things to eat. And this book would be dessert."

- Scott M. Fischer, illustrator of The New York Times bestseller Peter Pan in Scarlet

"Jeff Miracola's vibrant and dynamic art make each page a pleasure."

- Super Punch

"Here is a book that is geared towards kids, but embraces the adventurer in all of us. If you are as huge a fan of the SciFi Channel's DESTINATION TRUTH as I am, you'll definitely want to check out this book of monsters creatively illustrated by Jeff Miracola... one that will most likely please those youngsters who are just forming an interest in comics. Perfect bed time story reading material."

- Ain't It Cool News

"Monster Isle is eye-catching like a child's imagination should be, so it will feel right at home while you're reading it to them before they go to sleep at night."

- Paranormal News

"Monster Isle looks set to be an excellent read for younger audiences with some impressive illustrations."

- Unexplained Mysteries

""A boy named Finnegan, his sister, his parents and his dog, Howl, venture into the wild and encounter a zootopia of mythical creatures with names like the Yowie and Ogopogo. Super-keen."

- Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

"Welcome to Monster Isle would make a perfect Halloween gift (if you give gifts for Halloween like my mother-in-law occasionally does), books make the best gifts! And Immedium publishes the best books!"

- Baby Luxe

"The story to me is about teamwork and co-existing, so when everything falls into place, the Summer's family (and company) make it safely home. The words tell a fun and adventurous tale, yet it is certainly Jeff Miracola's illustrations that bring this story and it's beasts to life. I love that the Yowie (Australian Bigfoot) makes an appearance! This is definitely a book with kid appeal!"

- Children's Book Review

"The grinning, menacing mountain on the front cover captured our child's interest, as did the brightly colored monsters inside…Brightly colored, grinning monsters make this a fun adventure to share."

- The Reading Tub