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Artists. Writers. Creators.
We like meeting imaginative people who want to make fresh and fantastic stories. Comic book artists. Animators. Toy makers. Idea inventors.
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Who we are:

Dog Immedium publishes innovative, influential, and insightful books and collaborates with creators who have the same goals. Immedium values fresh ideas, dynamic perspectives, and can-do creativity and transforms them into media that have vibrant markets and international potential.

We serve audiences who appreciate originality, skill, and a compelling message. Currently Immedium is focused on publishing in the following book categories:

1. Children's Picture Books:
The general format is 32-pages with color illustrations for ages 4-8 or 6-10.

2. Asian-America:
Contemporary viewpoints on our evolving national identity and changes that have universal resonance.

3. Arts and Culture:
Cutting-edge commentary on the intersection of popular culture, social trends, and our modern lifestyle.

We seek writers, illustrators, and artists who have provocative tales to tell and the talent to convey them. A publisher's responsibility is to marry words with pictures to create a unique message. So please do not submit proposals that duplicate our existing books. Also do not submit children's picture books which you consider to be complete with "finished art", since we want the flexibility to help improve and refine your concept.

Productive relationships with our readers start with productive relationships with our authors. We work together with you to grow an idea into marketable product for our mutual benefit. Therefore our standard book contracts include royalties, though some projects may require work for hire compensation.

What to include:

Dad Please send us your proposal with your cover letter, resume, and samples (written or illustrated).

1) Your cover letter should succinctly explain your:
- general topic, specific focus, and individual thesis.
- relevant background and qualifications.
- target market and reader
- comparable titles (the five best-selling books on this subject)
- interest in working with Immedium.

2) Your resume should summarize your career, education, and interests.

3) Your samples should best represent your book concept:

For writers:
- Children's picture books: send your full manuscript including page breaks.
- Other genres: a 1 page summary and 2 sample chapters (50 pages total).

For artists:
- 5-10 color copies: cover design, main character, and sample interior page.
- Include an URL to your website or online gallery.

We collaborate with artists who are able to sketch preliminary character designs, render illustrations in full color, and supply final art as digital computer files (CMYK TIF's).

The Next Step

Where to send:

Howl If you want your materials returned, include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with the appropriate amount of first class postage. However if you just want a reply, include a letter-sized SASE or your email address.

If you do not include a SASE, then we will recycle your materials. Send your complete proposal to:

Submissions Editor
P.O. Box 31846
San Francisco, CA

We aim to respond within two months, so please do not contact us regarding unsolicited manuscripts. We look forward to hearing from you!

What We Don't Do

a. We prefer prose to poetry.
It's great to be inspired by Dr. Seuss. But unless the only way for you to tell a story is to rhyme, then please submit your tale to us in prose.

b. We avoid holidays or common fairy tales
We love Christmas. We just don't publish books about Santa or snow. The same is true of the Easter Bunny, Aesop's Fables, or the Three Little Pigs. We like new stories that could happen any time of year.

c. We like universal narratives
We like pets. But don't send us your photo album about Fluffy or Fido. The same is true of your family vacation. Unless your pet (or you) had a singularly fantastic experience that must be shared, you should consider making your photo book into a personal keepsake.

b. We don't publish novels
We focus on children's picture books. Not Chapter Books, Young Adult, Teen Fantasy, or 50,000 word stories. Thanks for your understanding!