Character Profiles

Max Chang
Like many others of his generation, Max has high hopes and prospects. But first he has to get a new job after being laid off! Now, he needs to budgetize in the big city, and look for an apartment to share. New friends and crazy situations await!

Ronald Chang
Max's dad hasn't hit his mid-life crisis yet; he's too busy helping Max out. It's a good thing he's the college friend of Steve Tucker, who happens to be looking for a promising new management trainee.

This white tabby cat is Max's boon companion. Unafraid, he follows Max to check out the wild world of prospective roommates. If they both only knew what lies in store for them!

Max's personal computer has a mind of its own. With the advancements in voice technology, Hack often can give helpful advice when Max least expects it.

This zoomate is Max's guide to his new home and becomes Max's confidante. But Max becomes Charlie's liaison to understanding human civilization.

Elle welcomes Max enthusiastically into the "Zoo". She is big hearted and helpful, and has a wee bit of a crush on her new friend.

Barry manages the Zoo's public relations with the human world. He is gregarious and patient, but careful to get his point across.

Fearsome on the exterior but a softy on the interior, Roc shows how reptiles are indeed warm-blooded.

with more to come!



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