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Many famous inventions came from China.
Who created them and why? Well... maybe the 3 fun-loving Kang brothers had a hand in some of them! Enjoy their adventures!
Hungry for more? Enjoy another Tasty Chinese Tale!
Written by author Ying Chang Compestine
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Amazing Chinese Inventions

"Xuan's handsome illustrations, boldly colored cut-paper designs recalling a traditional Chinese art, are abstract enough to suggest the 'high and far-off times' of this modern pourquoi tale, yet lively enough to engage viewers."
- School Library Journal

Author: Ying Chang Compestine
Illustrator: YongSheng Xuan

Collect the whole series! All stories have been redesigned and revised with new bilingual translations in simplified Chinese.

$15.95 each, Hardcover, 36 pages, 8.75 inches (w) x 11.25 inches (h)

The Story of Chopsticks

ISBN: 978-1-59702-120-3

First in the 4 part series!

Poor Kuai Kang! The youngest in his family, he never gets enough to eat.

Then one day he has an idea! Why not use sticks to grab the food when it's still too hot to touch? Before long, his brother and entire family follow his lead. But when his family attends a big wedding, the three boys each bring a pair of sticks. Now Kuai may get into really hot water!

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The Story of Noodles

ISBN: 978-1-59702-121-0

Second in the 4 part series!

The annual cooking contest is coming up. Learn how the creative Kang boys may have invented the first noodle dish and three different techniques for eating them.

Then try slurping some yourself with the "long-life noodle" recipe included at the end of this book.

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The Story of Kites

ISBN: 978-1-59702-122-7

Third in the 4 part series!

The inventive Kang brothers take to the air!

The three boys are tired of chasing birds away from their family's rice fields! How can they protect the family's harvest from these flying animals?

So they decide to experiment with their own ways to fly. How do they come up with one of the world's most popular pastimes from ancient China?

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The Story of Paper

ISBN: 978-1-59702-123-4

Fourth in the 4 part series!

What trouble have Ting, Pan, and Kuai gotten into now?

Their teacher writes reprimands on each boy's hand for their parents to see. Why can't he write on something smaller and more private?

Can the creative Kangs concoct a formula for what becomes an indispensable school supply?

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Story of Series

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Also by Ying Chang Compestine

Boy Dumplings:
A Tasty Chinese Tale

boy dumplings
James Yamasaki

$15.95 Hardcover
- 36 pages
- bilingual in simplified Chinese
- 978-1-59702-119-7
- 9.25 x 10.25

1. Begin with one hungry ghost.
2. Add a plump, delicious looking boy.
3. Mix them with an outrageous recipe!
Click here for more information.

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mama rabbit "This fascinating modern Chinese folktale is written by the renowned author, Ying Chang Compestine, known for her ghost stories with culinary themes. A young plump boy is about to become dinner (boy dumplings) for a very hungry ghost, How will he outwit the ravenous ghost and save himself from the steamer? This exciting and witty Chinese folktale will leave readers hungry for the end of the story and for dumplings as well!"
- Chen Wanying, NLB librarian

"The Story of Chopsticks is a delight from beginning to end."
- San Marino Toy and Book Shoppe

"Xuan's softly colored, cut-paper figures smile and stand in informal positions, reflecting the infectiously humorous tone. What will the young Kangs dream up next?"
- ALA Booklist

"Cut-paper illustrations are a fitting accompaniment to this amusing account of the discovery of papermaking. With bold black outlines and vivid coloration against a white, marbled background, the artwork captures the action as the boys exercise their ingenuity."
- School Library Journal

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