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A pirates's dream is to find buried treasure!
All kids are welcome on board the Cutlass to join the Corsairs on Treasure Isle!
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Set sail for an amusing time!

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Baltazar and the Flying Pirates

Written by Oliver Chin
Illustrated by Justin Roth

$15.95, hardcover, 36 Pages,
ISBN: 978-159702-018-3, 10.5 x 8.5

"Baltazar and the Flying Pirates takes both the parent and child on a fantastic visual adventure."
- David Derrick, artist, DreamWorks Feature Animation

Baltazar has always enjoyed hearing pirate stories from his grandpa. But did the boy know he was related to the legendary scaliwag Greybeard? The Captain of the infamous Corsairs does, so Redlocks travels to recruit young Baltazar and to locate long lost treasure.

But now the amusement park "Treasure Island" sits atop their buried booty! Can a young adventurer successfully lead a motley crew that includes Long John Silver, Hook, and Black Bart through this fantasy land?

Take a wild ride with pirates galore to discover where X marks the spot!

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More praise for Baltazar & the Flying Pirates

"It was a real treat to join Baltazar on his swashbuckling adventures with some high-spirited pirates! The illustrations fit perfectly with this story's characters and draw readers into this amazingly animated world."
- Shirley Ly, Los Angeles Public Library

"I enjoyed the book immensely and found it utterly chARRRRRming! A dreamy holiday for a wee pirate with some colorful swashbuckling characters!"
- Cap'n Slappy, co-founder of Talk Like a Pirate Day (9/19)

"[This] is a tale of a boy's dream adventure search for pirate treasure that leads him (and the pirates) to an unlikely treasure site. Their buried treasure in a swamp has been covered by a huge amusement park! There is no help for it but to go on a touring search for the treasure that is punctuated with fun rides and experiences along the way. Brave Captain Redlocks, keeps the buccaneers focused and on task, with plenty of fun laced in. Delightful, lively illustrations keep the adventure leaping ahead as all eyes are on the prize. Baltazar and the Flying Pirates is a treat to read and to experience...Promises of a sequel adventure are to be kept!"
- Midwest Book Review

"Movies and television shows have altered what captivates and entertains our kids during story time these days. Although classic stories will always make a wonderful addition to any collection, children often look for more engaging visuals and storylines. In [this] new children's picture book...kids step right into a fun and beautifully illustrated adventure. Baltazar, a young boy with a very imaginative mind, has a dream about pirates and their treasure, bringing readers to an amusement park on a quest to find the pirates' hidden treasure chest despite having an incomplete map and needing to overcome different obstacles. The story looks like an animated film, and the lively drawings prove perfect for inspiring little minds. Your child will not be disappointed by this story; in fact, don't be surprised if you get requests to read it over and over again!"
- Mom Central


"[A] high-flying tale of adventure and fortune. The best part? The head pirate, Captain Redlocks, is a redheaded woman. Oh yes she is. And she captains the Cutlass, the fastest ship in the skies. Because not only men can be all swarthy and adventurous and brandish swords and wear cool black eye patches. (Does anyone besides me see a hat tip to My Lady's Cutlass, the female pirate band?) My redheaded daughter and I think this book should immediately be made into a movie, since the stunning illustrations look like animation and the theme park tie-in is just too good for Hollywood to pass up. When it comes out, don't say I didn't tell you so."
- Cool Mom Picks

"Let's see... a jolly band of misfit pirates take their flying ship to an amusement park in search of treasure - while there they're bombarded with parents wanting to take pictures, kids thinking it's ok to climb on the pirates, and security guards who just don't understand that it's all in good fun... brought to life in colorful, friendly artwork... Each is a character is unique and memorable as their names, to say nothing of the story's 'every boy' protagonist...It's an amusing story that should be well enjoyed by any younger buccaneers, along with their parents, older siblings, or captains."
- Bilge Munky

"An amusement park beset by pirates is a winning combination. Young pirate apprentices will enjoy this wild ride as Baltazar and his new friends search for treasure... younger pirates will also enjoy having the story read to them as they explore the intricate and wonderful artwork that fills each page."
- Cindy Vallar, Pirates and Privateers

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