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January 2012 - Immedium

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A. Dominic the Dragon roars ahead!
We hope you've enjoyed your Year of the Dragon so far.
Our new story has taken off even faster than its 6 predecessors in our Tales from the Chinese Zodiac series!
- - -
"The Year of the Dragon is a charming story with themes familiar to many children's books. The underlying message is one of cooperation, friendship, imagination and perseverance. These are by no means unique lessons in children's literature, but Jennifer Wood's whimsical illustrations set the story apart from the rest...The subject matter is not just entertaining, but is informs children about an important aspect of Asian culture. What better way to learn something new than by having fun while doing so?" - Suite 101
- - -
Author Oliver Chin joins artist Jennifer Wood to read this week in Los Angeles. Meet them at celebrations on Sunday, February 5th at the Huntington Library (San Marino, CA) and the Bowers Museum (Santa Ana, CA), and later this week at the Culver City Public Library.

Now you can share the adventure as you fly around :

- The Year of the Dragon is our 2nd Apple interactive app
(joining Billie the Unicorn, www.billietheunicorn.com)

- our 4th title in Apple's iBookstore

- and available on iVerse's Comics+ and Comics4Kids comic book readers
(also joined by the Woollyhoodwinks - www.woollyhoodwinks.com).

B. Sora and the Cloud lifts off
Felicia Hoshino's (www.felishino.comSora and the Cloud is picking up more fans.0

Daily Candy just named it one of the best children's books of the year. But perhaps the most heartfelt review came from the blog Perogies and Gyoza:
- - -
"I put this book to a real test last week when I read it, in Japanese, out loud to a group of 4-6 year old boys who (other than my son) do not speak English. The pictures and the Japanese held their attention for the longest I have ever seen it held. The translation is divine… just as evocative in Japanese as in English. I had to practice beforehand, knowing that these boys would tell me if I messed up, and I enjoyed every run-through. Somehow Hoshino has hit just the right note of onomatopoeic words, giving a Japanese picture book feel even to the English words.

I loved the illustrations, the writing, and the translation. But the genius in this book is the way it portrays the passage of time. While Sora is growing up he appears 2, 3, even 4 times on the same spread. It goes so fast! But when he's flying with Kumo the cloud, time slows and Sora himself is bigger and appears less often- as any parent can tell you some afternoons with your kids seem interminable! How does that saying go? "The days are long but the years are short."

This is the perfect book for a Japanese-English bilingual family, anyone interested in introducing other cultures to their kids, and both Japanese and English monolingual families. I hope this will become a classic, it has all the hallmarks of an award winner."
- - -
Meet Felicia in California in a few weeks at Alameda (Books Inc, 2/25) and in March at Petaluma (Copperfields, 3/13) and San Carlos (Reading Bug, 3/18).

C. The Octonauts are doing swimmingly on the Disney Channel
This past month, the Octopod has welcomed legions of new fans!
Airing daily on the Disney Channel, the Octonauts TV series has introduced their 8 members, multi-armed headquarters, and adventurous spirit to families across America. The team is happy to report: even more people like them!

Common Sense Media summarized the crew's appeal:

"this ocean-set preschool cartoon encourages kids' curiosity about the world by introducing them to some of the sea's diverse species. The show incorporates fun facts about sea creatures in its stories and songs, and the characters' actions illustrate the show's themes of cooperation, friendship, and caring for others. The series is based on children's books of the same name, so this could prompt some read-aloud sessions with your tots as well."


Billie the Unicorn
- iTunes App

"My kids loved the 3D experience of this story. It was fun to watch them interact with the story and really get involved. They really loved tapping on the pictures, reading words and tilting the device. I enjoyed this story and the lesson being learned! The pictures, music and narration were great! You don't want to miss the 3D feature, you will surely be amazed!!"
- IHeartThisApp


The Year of the Dragon
- iTunes App

"Complete with Chinese style music, you can read it alone or have it read to you, and tapping on characters on each page make them do fun stuff (e.g., dragons puff smoke and people move and make sounds). There are even hidden Chinese coins you can find behind parts of the illustration as you tilt your iPad that explode into lots of coins when you find them. Oodles of fun for iPad junkies like us. Buy it so that they are motivated to make apps for the rest in the series."
- My Overthinking



  • 2/1: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Miraloma Elementary, San Francisco, CA, 8 am
  • 2/2: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Hamlin School, San Francisco, CA, 12 pm.
  • 2/2: Oliver Chin: YODragon: South San Francisco Public Library, 840 West Orange Ave, South San Francisco, CA, 4 pm.
  • 2/4: Jennifer Wood & Oliver Chin: YODragon: Huntington Library, San Marino, CA.
  • 2/5: Jennifer Wood: YODragon: Huntington Library, San Marino, CA, 11:30 am.
  • 2/5: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Bowers Museum, Santa Ana, CA, 1:30 pm.
  • 2/6: Oliver Chin: YODragon: St. James' Episcopal School, 625 S. St. Andrews Place, Los Angeles, CA, 10:30 am.
  • 2/6: Oliver Chin: YODragon: St. Brendan's School, 238 S. Manhattan Place, Los Angeles, CA, 12:45 pm.
  • 2/7: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Pilgrim School,, Los Angeles, CA, 11 am.
  • 2/8: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Culver City Julian Dixon Library, 4975 Overland Ave., CA (310) 559-1676, 11 am.
  • 2/9: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Wilson Elementary School, 8317 E. Sheffield Road, San Gabriel, CA 91775, 1:15 pm.
  • 2/10: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Ivanhoe Elementary School, 2828 Herkimer St., Los Angeles, CA 90039, 323-664-0051, 8:30 am.
  • 2/10: Oliver Chin: YOR: Longfellow Elementary School, 1065 E. Washington Blvd., Pasadena, CA, 11 am
  • 2/11: Oliver Chin: YODragon: FCC-Northern California: Mill Valley Community Center, CA, 1 pm
  • 2/11: Oliver Chin: YODragon: San Francisco Symphony, San Francisco, CA, 4 pm
  • 2/14: Oliver Chin: YODragon: San Carlos Public Library: San Carlos, California, 7 pm.
  • 2/15: Oliver Chin: YODragon: French American International School : San Francisco, California, 9 & 10 am
  • 2/18: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Sacramento Chinese New Year Festival: with Eastwind Books, Scottish Rite Temple, CA, noon.
  • 2/19: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Golden Gate Conservancy: Crissy Field Warming Hut Bookstore/Cafe, San Francisco, CA, (415) 561-3040, noon.
  • 2/22: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Millbrae Public Library: Millbrae, California, 3 pm.
  • 2/25: Felicia Hoshino & Oliver Chin: Books, Inc., 1344 Park Street, Alameda, CA, 510-522-2226, 11 am
  • 2/25: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Redwood Empire Chinese Association, CA, pm.


  • 3/3: Jennifer Wood: YODragon: Kidspace Children's Museum, Pasadena, CA, 1 pm
  • 3/3: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Chinese American Museum of Los Angeles, CA, pm.
  • 3/13: Felicia Hoshino: Sora & the Cloud: Copperfield's, Petaluma, CA, 10 am
  • 3/13: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Alice Fong Yu Elementary School, San Francisco, CA, 11:30 am
  • 3/16-3/18: WonderCon, Anaheim, CA.
  • 3/18: Felicia Hoshino: Sora & the Cloud: The Reading Bug, San Carlos, CA, 11 am
  • 3/20: Oliver Chin: YODragon: Dianne Feinstein Elementary School, San Francisco, CA, 10 am.
  • 3/20: Brianne Drouhard: Billie the Unicorn: Emerald City Comic Con, Seattle, WA, pm.
  • 3/22: Oliver Chin: Comic Book Workshop: Half Moon Bay Public Library: Half Moon Bay, California, 3:20 pm.

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