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A. Mega Squid and Space Contests
As the new film Megamind debuts this Friday, we cheerfully nudge you to see another big headed and slippery character, Sid the Squid.

The author David Derrick is a Dreamworks artist on How to Train Your Dragon and the aforementioned Megamind. Maybe Will Ferrell will take on a real acting challenge and portray our friendly 10-armed hero! 5 star Amazon reviews of Sid the Squid and the Search for the Perfect Job have flooded in, such as this praise from "Happy Reader":

"This is the perfect read-out-loud book for children of all ages. The story is clever and engaging, with the type of subtle repetitive pattern that kids seem to love, followed by surprising and delightful outcomes. The story is humorous and the lesson taught is encouraging as children anticipate what Sid's (and their) place in the world might be. The illustrations are charming with depth and unexpected detail perfect for kids (and delightful for their adult reading companions!). The witty feel of the book comes from the sense of humor evident in the paintings. Overall, a fabulous new addition to my collection of treasured children's books."

CONTEST: Win a 8 x 10 print of the book cover!
Ask your child to draw Sid the Squid and email us a photo of them & their artwork to Sid@immedium.com. One lucky winner will get a photo print of Sid (suitable for framing).

- -

We also offer the same GIVEAWAY for our second new adventure Space Cadet Topo: The Day the Sun Turned Off. Email your submissions to Topo@immedium.com.

The creators DGPH recently autographed copies at a toy workshop in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

"Space Cadet Topo is a fun-packed, enjoyable and incredibly imaginative tale of against all odds valor that takes you on an amazing journey of galactic proportions…This is a roller-coaster of a book. The story bolts you in and the illustrations take you on this amazing ride through space as our hero tries to save the universe. At times throughout the book I felt as if I were immersed in a video-game game; climbing through mazes, discovering new characters, testing my abilities… The crisp illustrations are littered with so many fun elements that will have kids (and adults) reading this story over and over again, each time discovering something new."- I Like Characters

Two people who order autographed Space Cadet Topo books will get a free NASA "Journey to the Stars" educator's guide and DVD!

B. Thanksgiving for The Year of the Rabbit
We've decided to fess up, before Wiki Leaks tells this secret. The Year of the Rabbit arrived in the USA yesterday!

Meet the long-eared bunny Rosie, the boy Jai and the other eleven animals. Justin Roth, the talented illustrator of The Year of the Tiger, returns to expand this colorful universe for readers to enjoy.

The sixth adventure in our annual Tales from the Chinese Zodiac series arrives in time for holiday gift-giving. Pre-order a copy and author Oliver Chin will autograph a personal dedication.

CONTEST ALERT! The first 4 online customers will get a special "one of a kind" 8 x 10 collage print of the Tales series. So hop to it!

C. The Octonauts travel the Globe
International dateline update - our favorite ocean explorers have leapt onto the small screen to make new friends worldwide. For those of you who aren't visiting the United Kingdom to watch the telly, you can still whet your Octo appetite here:

The Octonauts "sub" site: www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/octonauts/
1. Listen to the Theme Tune!
2. Dance to the Creature Report
3. Play at the TV show's site
- -
In France, "Les Octonauts" are stationed on channel TF1.
- http://videos.tf1.fr/octonauts/
- -
In South America, "Los Octonautas" headquarters is on Discovery Kids.
- www.tudiscoverykids.com
- www.discoverykidsbrasil.com

Ay caramba! Here is a Octo billboard in Argentina!


Space Cadet Topo: the Day the Sun Turned Off
(978-1-59702-022-0, $15.95)

"Subtle humor abounds and its fun to follow Topo and friends as they overcome the obstacles they meet."
- Bayviews, Association of Children's Librarians of Northern California

Sid the Squid and the Search for the Perfect Job
(978-1-59702-021-3, $15.95)

"If you want to look for a moral in this story, I think perhaps a more valuable one can be found in Sid's generous spirit. Above all, he wants to help others, and that unselfish desire is eventually what finds him the right job…The art is gorgeous, expressive, and for the most part scientifically accurate...Would I read Sid the Squid to my kids? Absolutely."
- Science 2.0



- 11/19: David Derrick: Sid the Squid: CTN Expo, Burbank Convention Center, Burbank, CA.


Savor a filling harvest festival with your friends & family.

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