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A. Woollyhoodwinks on the loose
During the past five months, we've introduced this friendly quintet (aka the Woollyhoodwinks) who reside in the Black North Forest. Now all that is left is to announce the debut of their brand new storybook!

Fortunately, the reputation of these adorable dolls precedes them. "Crafty" DIYers and parents can't wait to get their hands on this sparkling yarn.

"I LOVE IT. It's my favorite book I've reviewed all year."
"While I may not always feel smartre enough for Sartre, The Woollyhoodwinks vs. the Dark Patch is one for this existentialist. With a mix of cute handmade sock-puppet-looking things (the aforementioned Woollyhoodwinks) and whimsical sentences that shock and please with their originality, if you like your adult books intense, this is the kids' book for you…Of course your kids just may think the dolls are cute. And that's okay too."
- Cool Mom Picks

This month, the authors kick off their readings in the San Francisco Bay area on 9/18. Feel free to request a visit at a store near you, and the 'Winks will sleep on it!

B. Get ready for the 3rd voyage of the Octonauts!
October is approaching and that can only mean one thing. Another Octo-riffic adventure by your favorite gang of oceanic explorers: The Octonauts & the Frown Fish!

Pre-order your copy now and mark your calendars! Meomi launches their newest tale in San Francisco next month: hear them read this colorful quest in their own inimitable style and see them autograph to your heart's content. Then Meomi will take their show on the road to Los Angeles and back north to Canada.

"Blame it on the Olympics. With Beijing behind us, thoughts turn to Vancouver, then Meomi, the team that designed the 2010 mascots. Next thing you know, we remember there is a new Octonauts book coming out in October. Why write about clown fish when there's a frown fish that needs cheering up? In The Octonauts & the Frown Fish! by Meomi, the underwater crew use activities such as a baking marathon to entice their new friend to smile. Another affordable piece for the adult collector of cute."
- Art MoCo

C. Get "Lost" on Monster Isle
And right in time for Halloween comes our next book, chock full of mythical beasts of all shapes and sizes. Welcome to Monster Isle with tickle the fancy of creature-loving kids everywhere. The truth is out here!

"The book is about a family's vacation gone haywire when a perfect storm tosses their skipper's tiny boat off course. Seven castaways are stranded on an uncharted desert island. A boy named Finnegan, his sister, his parents and his dog, Howl, venture into the wild and encounter a zootopia of mythical creatures with names like the Yowie and Ogopogo. Super-keen."
- Seven Impossible Things Before Breakf

Here is the lowdown on our 6th monster -
The Abominable Snowman:

This mysterious wild man is stronger than a polar bear and wears a much bigger fur coat. He is also known as the "Yeti" who roams Nepal and Tibet's Himalayan mountain ranges. Many consider this frosty big foot to be similar to the Sasquatch or Yowie who dwell in warmer climates. Though he may appear scary, he always proves to be a dependable friend to Yukon Cornelius, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and Santa's elves.

The Woollyhoodwinks & the Dark Patch
(ISBN: 1-59702-12-5, $15.95)

"The book is uber-charming. It's a mixture of plush & Photoshop acting out the narrative. The design is just lovely…Did I mention how charming the whole book is?"
- The Needle


The Year of the Rat: Tales from the Chinese Zodiac
(ISBN: 1-59702-011-7, $15.95)

"The illustrations are colorful and expressive. The font size is large and always clear against fully colored backgrounds. The last page shows the cartoon images for all of the animals of the zodiac since they appear as characters in this series."
- School Library Journal


- 9/13: Oliver Chin: Young Audiences Artist Showcase, San Francisco Main Public Library, Koret Auditorium, 100 Larkin Street, CA, 11:30 am
- 9/18: Rootcorn: Woollyhoodwinks: Books, Inc. - Laurel Village, San Francisco, CA, 6:30 pm.
- 9/19: Rootcorn: Woollyhoodwinks: Super 7 1628 Post Street, San Francisco, CA, 415-409-4700, 6 pm.
- 9/20: Rootcorn: Woollyhoodwinks: Books, Inc., 1344 Park Street, Alameda, CA, 510-522-2226, 11 am.
- 9/21: Immedium: Kids Day - Neighborhood Library Campaign, Richmond Recreation Center, San Francisco, CA, 415-626-7512, 1:30 pm.


- 10/4-10/5: Immedium: San Francisco Dragon Boat Festival: Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA.
- 10/5: Woollyhoodwinks & Monster Isle: Kepler's: 1010 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA, (650) 324-4321, 11:30 am.
- 10/5: Meomi: Octonauts SOS: CWILL Fall Book Hatching , Vancouver, BC, Canada.
- 10/16: Oliver Chin: California Reading Association: 42nd Annual Conference, Sacramento Convention Center, Room 311, 2:15 pm.
- 10/16: Woollyhoodwinks + Meomi: Barnes & Noble, 2200 Eastridge Loop Space #1420, San Jose, CA, 4:30 pm.
- 10/17: Meomi: Octonauts FF: Copperfields, 138 North Main Street, Sebastopol, CA, 95472 (707) 823-2618, 10 am.
- 10/17: Meomi: Octonauts FF: Super 7 1628 Post Street, San Francisco, CA, 415-409-4700, 6 pm.
- 10/18: Meomi: Octonauts FF: Books, Inc., 855 El Camino Real #74, Palo Alto, CA, 10:30 am.
- 10/18: Meomi: Octonauts FF: Wink SF, 4107 24th Street, San Francisco, CA, 415-401-8881, 2 pm.
- 10/19: Oliver Chin: TTT Golden Gate Live Steamers, Tilden Park, Berkeley, CA, 11 am.
- 10/25: Oliver Chin: Welcome to Monster Isle: Books, Inc., 301 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA, (650)428-1234, 11 am.


Welcome kids back to school, as they write new chapters in their lives.

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