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A. Rail fans enjoy Timmy & Tammy
We've been busy riding the rails to share our new book Timmy & Tammy's Train of Thought

Recently, we enjoyed meeting train enthusiasts throughout California at the Golden State Model Railroad Museum (Richmond), California State Railroad Museum (Sacramento), and Roaring Camp Railroad (Santa Cruz). We are happy to report that response has been grateful to say the least!

"The details in the drawings are incredible and tell a rich story in themselves…The book is geared for audiences aged four to eight, so the words are few and the pictures are grandiose. It's sure to be a favorite for young readers and parents and grandparents alike, and if I've learned anything about favorite picture books, it will be requested so much even the kids will have it memorized almost word for word in no time."
- Model Railroad News, July 2007

Thank you for your support as we continue meeting locomotive lovers who instantly appreciate this colorful tale, drawn by the gifted Heath McPherson.

B. Preview of Octonauts sequel: The Sea of Shade
The reviews keep rolling in for this octet of ocean-explorers. GoodReads.com gushed:

"This book is so stunningly illustrated. It's like a pint-sized Giant Robot explosion. I liked it waaaaay more than my toddler did. The minute her eyes strayed from the pages, I could tell this was one I'd be storing away on a top shelf, along with my signed J. Otto Seibold hardbacks and my copy of Superflat."
- www.goodreads.com

Treehouse Jukebox weighed in, mindful of their purpose "To share good books with you. We all know picture books are fun for kids, but some of forget that as adults we are free to keep on enjoying them. They're quick, often visually inspiring, and fun." Inaugurating their new review called "Picture Books Monday", they endorsed the Octonauts:

"Why Read It: Cuteness and more cuteness and also serious adorableness. Great design, layout, and colors. Good story, too."
- Treehouse Jukebox

Meanwhile, Powells Books (Portland, Oregon) awarded the book their "Daily Dose" on July 3, 2007.

The next Octonauts adventure The Octonauts & The Sea of Shade is at the printer, so here is the second "free monthly preview" seascape created by Meomi.

C. Burning Men, Green Giants, and Black Belts
In our news round up:

Barbara Traub's Desert to Dream, the definitive photography book on Burning Man, continues to attract new readers.

As the next festival nears (Labor Day weekend in September), celebrants around the world will find Barbara's visual chronicle illuminating, educational, and inspiring.

Nevada Magazine is a case in point! They recommended Desert to Dream last year, and have since dedicated their July/August issue to highlight the upcoming event!


Meanwhile, we congratulate Greg Pak for cracking the Top 10 Comic Book Writers in Wizard Magazine (August 2007, issue #190). Greg is riding higher than ever, thanks to the sold-out issues and critical acclaim for the gigantic Marvel Comics crossover event "World War Hulk."

"Greg Pak continues his excellent run on the Hulk... For fans of devastating punches, shattering rocks, falling skyscrapers and general mayhem, this title is for you!"
-- SilverBulletComics.com

"Pak does a phenomenal job of interlacing exposition, for those who haven’t read The Incredible Hulk, with plot advancement and action, for those of us who have...Loved it!"
-- FilmFodder.com

Newly converted "Pak-fans" should check out the definitive collection of Greg's "pre-comics" film writing Robot Stories and More Screenplays.


By all means, enjoy your summer. But, as you know, September and "back to school" is coming around the bend. One bright spot there is the debut of our next fantastically illustrated story and new action heroine Julie Black Belt.

Get a sneak peek of Julie, as rendered by the talented artist Charlene Chua. Martial arts is becoming a popular pastime, we've been receiving accolades already:

"Such a great combination of stunning pictures and gripping story. I absolutely love the illustrations."
- Anna Tharyan, Toronto Public Library

Timmy and Tammy's Train of Thought
(ISBN: 1-59702-008-7, $15.95)

"Timmy & Tammy's Train of Thought is a new favorite for me. In fact, I have several little boys and girls for whom I'm planning on purchasing a copy and I'm very picky when it comes to buying books for young readers. I can't think of a higher compliment to pay to Oliver and Heath."
- Model Railroad News, July 2007


The Octonauts
(ISBN: 1-59702-005-2, $15.95)

"Recommends it for: Parents who loved kid-friendly illustration long before they had kids… File under: Underwater adventure, cute-mania, rescue team, accordion-playing polar bears."
- www.goodreads.com


- 7/4: Oliver Chin: TTT: Roaring Camp Railroads, Graham Hill Road, Felton, CA, 10:30 am.
- 7/7: Oliver Chin: Manga Workshop: Sunnyvale Public Library, 665 W. Olive Avenue, CA, 2 pm.
- 7/8: Oliver Chin: TTT: Book Passage, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd., Corte Madera, CA, noon.
- 7/12: Oliver Chin: Comics Workshop: San Francisco Public Library - Visitacion Valley, CA, 1:30 pm.
- 7/14: Immedium: TTT: Eurowest 2007 Train Show, Hiller Aviation Museum, San Carlos, CA, 10 am.
- 7/15: Oliver Chin: TTT: Kepler's: 1010 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA, (650) 324-4321, 11:30 am.
- 7/15: Immedium: Friends of San Francisco Animal Care & Control - 18th Anniversary, 6 pm.
- 7/21: Oliver Chin: TTT: Little Fish Boutique: 320 West Portal Avenue, San Francisco, CA, 1 pm.
- 7/23: Oliver Chin: TTT: El Cerrito Library, CA, 7 pm.
- 7/26-29: Oliver Chin: Book Passage - Writing for Children Conference. Corte Madera, CA.


- 8/9: Oliver Chin: TTT: San Lorenzo Library, 395 Paseo Grande, San Lorenzo, CA, 2 pm.
- 8/25: Oliver Chin: TTT: West Portal Public Library, San Francisco, CA, 10:30 am.


Remember to apply the sun block and curl up with a good book!

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