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A. Viva La Burning Man
We hope you all had an enjoyable Labor Day holiday. We know those who were at Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada certainly did!

Barbara Traub, author of Desert to Dream: A Decade of Burning Man Photography (ISBN: 1-59702-003-6, $29.95), attended to record the latest happenings. So did reporters from around the world, such as from the Associated Press , San Francisco Chronicle , and ABC News .

Many of this year's participants learned about Desert to Dream from Barbara herself on the playa, and will surely rediscover the event in a whole new way through her amazing photographic collection. For those who still would like to go, there is no better visual preparation and we invite you to Barbara's continuing presentations at upcoming author events.

B. 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 , 3, 2, 1...Octonauts!
Scott McCloud, author of the seminal book Understanding Comics, said, "Meomi is charming and beautifully-designed." So who are we to argue?

See for yourself when the Octonauts make their debut! Created by the prolific design team Meomi, these eight appealing animals (and an only lonely monster) will melt your hearts and make you smile. All the while, you'll be their boon companion in their first undersea adventure!

Remember that October is Octonauts month! Mark your calendar to join Meomi for the San Francisco launch party on October 18th at Books, Inc. in Laurel Village. Be the first on your block to preorder the book and give your friends ornate Octonauts desktop wallpaper.

"One word, "Kawaii!" That's what everyone will say when they see the sweet cuteness that is the world of Meomi!"
- Tokyo a la Mode

C. Giving Credit where it's Due
In just the past year, Immedium has been very fortunate to work with extremely talented artists. Our vision is to meld fresh storytelling with awesome art, and we have more fantastic titles waiting on deck.

However, what is the Internet news world without leaks in the blogosphere? Our illustrators are justifiably proud of their effort and eager for feedback, so take a gander at some of their creative process and works in progress:

Meomi - The Octonauts

Jeremiah Alcorn - The Year of the Dog and The Year of the Pig (January 2007)

Heath McPherson - Timmy and Tammy's Train of Thought (May 2007)


The Octonauts: The Only Lonely Monster
Written and illustrated by Meomi
$15.95, Hardcover, 36 pages
ISBN: 1-59702-005-2

The Octonauts is a crew of misfit critters who roam the ocean in search of adventure, treasure, and fun! From their undersea base called "the Octopod", the Octonauts explore a colorful world full of thrills, chills, and gills! The crew of eight talented critters, including a brainy octopus, brave polar bear, daredevil kitten, and scientific sea otter, is always ready to embark on a new exciting voyage. In this debut episode, the Octonauts encounter a giant sea monster! What will they do? Stay tuned and get ready to join the adventure to find out!

"With a burgeoning roster of sassy and adorable characters, beautifully realized illustrations, and a heap of wit and imagination, Meomi is poised to take on the Paul Franks and Sanrios of the world and emerge as a new empire of cuteness!"
- Copacetique


- 9/5: Barbara Traub: D2D: Border's Books, 4995 S. Virginia St, Reno, NV, 7 pm.
- 9/9: Oliver Chin: Comic Book Class: Belvedere-Tiburon Library, 1501 Tiburon Blvd., CA, 10 am.
- 9/20: Oliver Chin: Comic Book Class: Pinole Library: 2935 Pinole Valley Road, CA, 3 pm.
- 9/21: Barbara Traub: D2D: Barnes and Noble, The Pruneyard, 1875 S. Bascom Ave. Ste 240, Campbell, CA, 7 pm.
- 9/23: Oliver Chin: Sacramento Chinese Culture Foundation, 500 Leisure Lane, Sacramento, CA, 5:30 pm.


- 10/4: Oliver Chin: Comic Book Class: San Jose Library - Calabazas Branch: 1230 Blaney Ave, CA, 6 pm.
- 10/6: Barbara Traub: D2D: Citizen Cupcake, Virgin Megastore, 2 Stockton St., San Francisco, 5 pm.
- 10/7: Octonauts: Borders Books - Grand Opening, 1641 East Monte Vista Ave, Vacaville, CA.
- 10/8: Octonauts: Kepler's: 1010 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA, 11:30 am.
- 10/11: Barbara Traub: D2D: Stanford Bookstore, 519 Lasuen Mall, Stanford, CA, 6 pm.
- 10/18: Meomi: Octonauts: Launch Party - San Francisco: Books Inc., 3515 California St, 7 pm.
- 10/20: Octonauts: Barnes & Noble, 4972 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA, 10:30 am.
- 10/21: Octonauts: Borders Books, 120 Crescent Dr, Pleasant Hill, CA, 11 am.
- 10/26: Octonauts: Borders Books, 120 Sunset Dr, San Ramon, CA, 10:30 am.
- 10/28: Meomi: Octonauts: Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver, BC, Canada, 11 am.


It's back to school so hit the books!

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