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Julie Black Belt:
The Kung Fu chronicles (2007)

NEW 2013
Julie Black Belt: The Belt of Fire

Due to popular demand, the sequel arrives October 2013!

Julie’s journey leaps forward!

Now she aims to earn her next belt in kung fu—orange! However, will a new kid in class upset Julie’s plans?

It’s like when her movie heroine Brandy Wu seeks the mythical Belt of Fire but must combat a mysterious opponent! When her teacher’s master visits, can Julie and her rival learn a valuable lesson through competition?

Enjoy the continuing adventures of Julie Black Belt, which Audrey magazine called an “engaging and empowering read.”

“A high-action story that encourages deep reflection” —San Francisco Chronicle

"Fast paced and engaging throughout, Julie Black Belt: The Belt of Fire will hold the attention of young readers. As with the first book, Charlene Chua's illustrations are bright, cartoon-like feasts of colour that invoke a sense of movement that will keep young eyes flowing from page to page. Sequences depicted as scenes from the Brandy Wu movie Julie is watching at different points in the story have borders made to
look like film edging, creating a rather enchanting feeling of watching a movie inside a book."
- Canadian Review of Materials


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