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Brianne Drouhard

Brianne Drouhard is the creator of Billie the Unicorn.

She grew up in the boonies of eastern Washington State, and attended Innerspark (or CSSSA at the time) to learn about animation during high school. For her Senior year project, Brianne made a film called Yippie, the Accident Prone Dog (set to Harry Nilsson's The Puppy Song) which earned her a National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts (NFAA) award and a Scholastic scholarship for college.

Brianne enrolled in the Character Animation program at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) and started focusing more on design and illustration. She took a summer internship at July Films, which made the film My Little World, and graduated in 2002.

Her first job was in video games and worked on the Xbox title Backyard Wrestling. Brianne fondly remembered "animating men punching, kicking, throwing, and hugging each other." However better things were soon to come. On the side, she won the Regional Maple Leaf's Ben Wick Award for illustrating "The Teenage Survival Handbook" in 2003.

She did freelance design for Nickelodeon's My Life as a Teenage Robot, and soon got into the thick of the Hollywood animation industry. In quick succession, she has contributed to many popular TV series such as Cartoon Network's Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Ben Ten, Teen Titans, Class of 3000, and Transformers: Animated. She is a regular contributor to art shows at Gallery Nucleus (Alhambra, CA) and other locales.

Upon further reflection, Brianne said, "It's abnormal I think to carry an obsession like animation to adulthood, but my parents were very supportive...They kept me supplied with art books, paper, pencils, and let me travel to go to California when I was in high school. They let me grow. They told my brother and I we could be whatever we wanted, except farmers."

And so goes Billie into a brave new world...

Visit his official site www.briannedrouhard.com and blogs at potatofarmgirl.blogspot.com.

Brianne draws a bunny!

"What's the best way to describe Brianne? If you know Brianne, she is is constantly drawing, always carrying around a new sketchbook because she fills them so quickly. Every page is overflowing with cute girls, strange animals, or dancing fruits and vegetables. She is an amazing talent. A mixture of influences combined into something new and wholly original!"
- Glen Murakami, producer Cartoon Network's Ben 10, Teen Titans, Batman, Superman


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